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softstars in sportraining

You may notice the editor mistakenly used a picture of our RunAmoc Dash while the article reviewed the RunAmoc Original. Here is the english translation:

Truly Minimalist Shoes
By Robert D. Smith

Runamoc Original Lite

The RunAmoc (meaning "go crazy") are the closest to being the ideal running shoes that I have discovered to date. They couldn't be any more simple: they consist of a Vibram sole of between 2 and 5 millimeters (depending on whether they are for road or trail running) with two pieces of leather and some laces to tie them to your ankle. The leather is very soft and has hundreds of perforations so that they are very breathable. As the soles are made by Vibram, they are very hard wearing and they have lasted me up to a 1,000 kilometers which, for minimalist running shoes that have less material to be worn down—and for this reason are less expensive—this isn't bad going at all. I've run with them on trails with stones without any problems.

What makes them so comfortable is that there is a huge amount of space for the toes and the leather is so soft that it is impossible to get a blister from the uppers. They are the only shoes I have been able to run in without socks. In this respect, they achieve the same result as the separated toes of the Vibram Five Fingers or the Adidas Adipure, but without the heat or the rubbing that these models can give rise to. At first the feeling that they are so loose while the foot is in mid-flight is slightly disconcerting, but as the foot tenses in preparation for landing they adhere perfectly and don't move about at all. As they are made of natural materials, the inner sole moulds to the foot and the leather stretches with usage. They even dry very quickly and they don't smell bad (at least not to me).

In my opinion, the only way that they could be improved would be to replace the sole with that of the Vivobarefoot Evo. Then they might possibly be the perfect minimalist running shoes.