Quilt County Lands at Softstar

Quilt County Lands at Softstar

Local visitors to our shop over the next few weeks will get a special treat... QUILTS!

Every two years, the Mary's River Quilt Guild descends upon our local Benton County with diverse exhibits to honor the art and craft of quilt-making. Several cultural agencies, churches, storefronts and art galleries are donating their wall space to present quilts of different themes as part of Quilt County 2017. Softstar is honored to host one of these displays in our workshop.

Our theme:

"These Are Your Grandmother's Quilts"

The old roller rink building in Philomath has been revived into a shoemaking workshop for Softstar Shoes. Along with the theme of appreciating the value in historical items, several members of Loosely Bound [a fiber artist collective] share some of their antique quilts in this great venue.

Members of the guild arrived at our shop last week to carefully hang the pieces along the railing of our mezzanine. They include a variety of quilting styles and techniques and each holds a special place in someone's heart. Most of these quilts were made in the early 20th century, but a few date back to the 1860s!

If you happen to be in the Philomath area and have an interest in quilt making then we encourage you to stop by our shop during regular business hours for a closer look at these skillful creations. The quilts will be displayed until October 7, 2017.




For more information, visit marysriverquiltguild.org.

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