Name That Shoe! Luxurious Sheepskin Slippers Coming to Soft Star

Name That Shoe! Luxurious Sheepskin Slippers Coming to Soft Star

New Sheepskin Slipper Coming this Winter from Soft Star Shoes!

This November, Soft Star is bringing you the luxuriously plush slippers of your dreams! Our amazing Elf Keita, Comfort-Crafter Extraordinaire, is hard at work perfecting the cozy footwear that will ruin you for all other slippers... just in time for fireside cocoa and frosted window panes.

Fully-lined with genuine sheepskin and a rich natural buff leather exterior, these chill-banishing booties wrap you from toe to ankle in lux, cozy comfort. Wear cuff-up or cuff-down.

They will be warm. They will be snuggly. They might just become your new best fluffy friends... but what will they be called?

We're still undecided about the name for this ridiculously cozy new shoe and we want your feedback! A few of our ideas are listed below, followed by names from our fans. You can vote for up to 3 of your favorite names or suggest your own name and let other fans vote on it. Suggesting a name counts as one vote—if you do it you can still vote for two others. Note that fan-suggested names must first be approved for G-rated audiences, so they will not appear right away.

Update August 2016: Voting has closed! Thanks to everyone who participated. We were impressed with all the creative name suggestions!

For the record, we reserve the right to veto any name regardless of voting results if we feel it is not the best fit for the shoe... meaning we'll probably reject "Slippy McSlipperface" (suggested by our own Elf Martin) even if it wins.

To suggest a name, enter it into the "Other" field above.


  1. Sheila Badman
    I just suggested
    Dream Boot
    as the name.
  2. Marian Sanphy
    I was a passager in the car and decided to check my email... just as I saw your announcement about the new slipper someone in the car shouted Bear..
    And sure enough there he was a big black bear next to the car... my vote for a name of the slipper was influenced by the bear... the Bear foot slipper.
    1. Elf Martin
      What a story! Maybe it was meant to be...
  3. Phil Kann
    My slipper name entries:

    - Deer Me

    - Deerest
  4. Charlene Andersen
    Charlene Andersen
    Is this an outdoor slipper/shoe?
    1. Elf Martin
      Hi Charlene. We designed it with indoor use in mind, but you can use it for light outdoor use just like our Roo moccasins. It would be perfect around a campfire!
  5. Julia
    That other brand sells themselves short since their name sort of implies that their boots are unattractive, after a while, mine from that brand wore through in the heel. So here, we have sheepskin, right? No need to give it a bear name, no truth in advertising. The Slippy Slipperface doesn't inspire great confidence in the safety of wearing these shoes... I'm gonna think some more. I liked my sheepskin feeling when I first got mine - and the ahhhhhhj reaction of comfort!!
  6. Basia
    My suggestion is 'sheepies'
  7. maya and rock mcintosh
    maya and rock mcintosh
    cotton candy
    southern comfort
    golden palace
    island living
    the emperor
    honey comb
    bee’s knees
    honey dew
    dew drop
    the austin (like auction powers)
  8. maria
    I would suggest:
  9. Genie
    I suggest "Shukkas" (sheep chukkas, of course!)
  10. Alicia
    I suggested Soft Star Plushies!
  11. Katie
    CabinMocs. Best Cabin footwear ever.
  12. maya and rock mcintosh
    maya and rock mcintosh
    sole divine
    soul divine
    The Dante
    Peace of Mind (play on piece)
    Peace keeper
    The Sandman
    The Dune
    SLH (santa's little helper)
  13. t777
    I would call them Plains Walkers
  14. Teresa
    My suggestion was The Welcome Ewe Home Slipper
  15. Laura
    My suggestion was Fluffy Stuffs. I also like Toesters and Soft Star Plushies.
  16. andrea kaufman
    andrea kaufman
    I see you have designed them for indoor wear. I would love to have them for outdoor wear. Please reconsider. The traction of your soles is a huge feature and sheepskin can be worn year round. the cozy cushion around the fool is an older persons dream come true but traction is essential. "Ewe Hug Me"
  17. Nicolas Harrison
    Nicolas Harrison
    How about "Ewe Moccin Me Punk?"
  18. Mallory
    The four year old at my house named them "Brown Rocko" and the seven year old says "Fuzzirilla".
  19. Darren
    Cozy frontier for me as a name they just remind me of warming up to a wood burning stove in a log cabin in Alaska
  20. Angela Edgar
    What about:


    Sheep skin oil is amazing and unlimited in its uses. You'd be promoting a natural product that most know nothing about. It's sold at cvs and walgreens.
  21. Allegra
    I love Snug-as-a-Bug Slipper - so cute and descriptive!
  22. Heather
    The Hideaway ...all you need during hibernation!
  23. Austin
    Guys, guys. Hold on. Toetally Toesty.

    My work here is done.
  24. Will
    Soft Star "Ohs" - after the exclamation both your feet will make once slipping these Stars on!
  25. Paul
    Does the picture show two different models of slipper? Or is the one on the right simply the unfinished version of the one on the left? (I hope it's two models.)
    1. Elf Martin
      Hi Paul. They're the same model. One has the cuff down and one has the cuff up. It can be worn either way.
  26. Grace
    I would call them "Moo Moo's" - In support of Oregon's very small Moose Population! I can SO see an Oregon Moose wearing these -- on all 4 feet! LOL :~)

    (Suggestion from Michigan; in support of West Coast Wildlife)
  27. ben
    Moccaslips is the best!
  28. erika
    I suggested BearCubs. One of our nicknames for our now 10 yr old boy has been BearCub, or cubs. These look soft and cuddly just like he is.
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