Lincoln School Carolers Spread Holiday Cheer at Soft Star

Lincoln School Carolers Spread Holiday Cheer at Soft Star

We had some excitement recently when fourth and fifth graders from Lincoln Elementary School stopped by our workshop on a downtown caroling adventure!

Lincoln School Carolers Spread Holiday Cheer at Soft Star

The elves all took a break from their busy holiday sewing to hear the students sing several songs. Since the school is bilingual, we were thrilled to hear carols sung in both English and Spanish.

Over 20 children participated, and they were very happy to go behind the scenes of our shoemaking workspace. We recorded a short video of one of their songs that we'd like to share with you. If you listen carefully, you can hear Jasper, C.Elf.O. Tricia's dog, barking right on queue in the background:



This was a great way for us to close out the holiday season! Our workshop will close after today for our annual holiday break and reopen in the new year. A skeleton crew of elves will still be making shoes during that time, but we will officially reopen on January 3, 2014. After a lot of hard work over the past several weeks, we're happy to give our elves some time to relax with their families.

We wish all of you a wonderful season and we look forward to hearing from you in the new year!


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