Are Those Shoes Made of Wood?

Are Those Shoes Made of Wood?

How would you like some nice wood paneling on your shoes? No, we're not modeling our shoes after my father's 1978 station wagon, but we do have another woody feature: cork!

Are Those Shoes Made of Wood?

Cork! Gold speckles glimmering in the light.

We recently acquired a special limited supply of decorative cork-lined fabric. This thin, smooth material is adorned with shiny gold speckles. Although we have not found it to be sturdy enough for most of our shoes, it does work very well for the flower appliques on our Merry Janes and the half-moon sides on our Dash RunAmocs. We're now happy to offer it as a design-your-own option for these features.

Click here to see a list of all shoes with cork options.

Cork Shoe Accent

Our cork fabric is a very limited edition material, so once it's gone, it's gone. If you would like a shoe with this very natural looking feature, we encourage you to get it soon!

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