The Phoenix is coming to life...

It is getting warm here in Oregon. In fact, the last couple days have been in the high 80's. So we thought it was about time to make progress on our WARM winter boots! That's right, we've been working away on the new, fully-lined, winter boot, the Phoenix.

We are pretty excited about how they are coming together. In the picture, the brown boot in the foreground is pretty close to the final design. We just have a few details to work out and then they will go into production. They should be available in plenty of time for the cool fall and winter weather... and we can't help but think about COOL weather when we're sweating away working on them.

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  1. Oh please tell me that the Phoenix is available for adults!!! I cannot WAIT to get me a pair, if so! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication! I appreciate it!
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