The Perfect Shoes for Backpacking and Travel

The Most Packable Travel Shoes!


Whether you are planning to gallivant through foreign cities or hike the Pacific Crest Trail, the right travel footwear is an essential part of any journey. With the copious amounts of time you will be spending on your feet, the shoes you wear could make or break your trip. With Softstar's packable travel shoes, which can roll up into tiny pockets and weigh as little as 5 ounces, you'll find the perfect packable footwear to add to any adventure.

At Softstar we take happy feet seriously. All of our shoes are lightweight, flexible and designed to keep feet healthy and comfortable. This all adds up to a perfect foldable shoe to slip in your carry-on or backpack for traveling or trekking through the woods. Our shoes are also easy to slip on and forget about on long travel days to your destination!

Besides the obvious fact that our lightweight backpacking shoes take up little room when packed, customers also tell us they work well because of their versatility for everything from walking and casual use to hiking and running. Our shoes can be worn for both casual and dressy occasions, and many styles are customizable in a variety of full grain leather colors.

If your feet swell or get chilled on long plane rides then we recommend you slip into our cozy Roo moccasins for long travel days. Taking a walking tour of the city? Our Merry Jane and Rogue casual shoes will give you the durability and comfort you need to keep your feet happy. If you find yourself on rough trails, our Dash RunAmocs and Primal RunAmocs—popular for everything from daily chores to ultramarathons—will surely fit the bill. We have many customers tell us they brought Softstar's packable travel shoes for the plane but ended up wearing them throughout their entire vacation!


We think Softstars make the perfect shoes for travel and adventure, but you don't have to take our word for it! Check out the reviews sent in by our traveling customers:

  • "I've traveled extensively in my Ballerines. I love that they are comfortable enough to walk all over the airport in, but also light and compact when I need to put them in luggage." -Jen
  • "I love the RunAmoc best for traveling because they can dress up or down and are great for various terrains." -Amanda
  • "I initially purchased [Dash RunAmocs] just to wear in the office, but found myself wearing them pretty much all the time. Having worn them in all kinds of weather from hot sunshine in Barcelona to frosty days in the UK winter, I would say that they are comfortable year round." -Patrick
  • "In addition to walking on cobblestone streets in Europe and trails inthe US, I have spent a lot of long hours on my feet wearing these shoes at trade shows (much less exciting!) and I swear that I feel less fatigued at the end of the day than when I am wearing any other shoes." -Doug
  • "Merry Janes have been on my feet in Midwest urban centers, the pine forests of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and on the shores of the Great Lakes. My son has donned Ramblers in all of those places. We love them always, but especially because they're easy to fit into a backpack or luggage and don't weigh us down." -Kate


Not sure which style is best for you? Give us a call at 541-753-5845 or email your questions. to [email protected] We would love to help your feet adventure happily!

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