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  • NOVA Red
  • NOVA Flamingo
  • NOVA Orange
  • NOVA Yellow
  • NOVA Grass Green
  • NOVA Peacock
  • NOVA Turquoise
  • NOVA Cerulean
  • NOVA Ocean
  • NOVA Purple
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Price $150.00
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When the weather outside turns frightful, these boots are SO delightful! Phoenix uppers are made of nothing but the softest leather and are fully-lined with sheepskin to naturally wick away moisture for warm, dry feet. These boots also feature replaceable sheepskin innersoles for long-term comfort.

A zipper on the outside makes this boot easy to put on and take off, and our zero-drop Geo Vibram sole provides excellent traction in mild to moderate winter conditions. Go ahead, don’t let cold weather stop your kids from “blazing” a trail!

(Please see care and sizing tips below to ensure proper sheepskin maintenance and a great fit!)

  • Premium smooth leather uppers with genuine sheepskin cuffs
  • Durable, flexible and lightweight soles
  • For child sizes 6-12, we use Durable Vibram™ 6mm Geo sole with improved traction on snow and ice. For youth sizes 1-4, we use Zero drop Vibram Lightning sole that measures 5mm thick, plus 6mm additional base soling material.
  • Fully lined with genuine sheepskin featuring replaceable Sheepskin Plus Innersoles
  • Roomy toebox
  • Can be worn with or without socks
  • Handcrafted in USA from premium, responsibly-sourced leathers
  • Custom shoes in like-new condition are fully returnable/exchangeable according to the terms of our return policy.

Phoenix boots are only made in one width. New boots should fit snugly, as the natural sheepskin will stretch, but the length of the boot should not cause your child's toes to curl against the front seam—a sign that the size is too small. Please allow 1–2 weeks lead time for this product.

The Upper cuff colors have the following sheepskin colors inside:

  • Black = Black suede outer cuff with black sheepskin inside
  • Chocolate = Chocolate suede outer cuff with dark brown colored sheepskin inside
  • Stoney Tip = Brown suede sheepskin outer cuff with brown-tipped, cream colored sheepskin inside

Customer Reviews

My 5yr old's favorite shoes! Review by Clover
We have bought our 5yr old four pairs of Phoenix Boots. They are his absolute favorite, he would wear them year round if we let him. We do try to wrestle them off in the heat of the summer though! (Posted on 3/2/18)
Spendy boots but great fit and function! Review by Rebecca
Our daughter likes these boots when the weather gets cooler. We usually do not get snow but did this year! She a a great time enjoying our every few decades snow with these boots! (Posted on 1/13/18)
Your boots are the only game in town! Review by JANIS
I purchased these boots for my 19 month old granddaughter. Her little foot measures at a 6 1/2 ee. NOBODY makes little girl boots in extra wide. Additionally, she has a high instep. Other boots have a rigid sole and are pull on. The Phoenix Boot has a great quality zipper that allows easy access. My granddaughter's feet slide right in - no squirming and fussing. These boots are so warm that when the temperature was -14 not counting wind chill, we played happily outside in the snow for 40 min. I'm afraid Grandma gave up first. I had to pick her up and carry her into the house. When I removed her boots, those toes were toasty warm. Oh yes, they also look great with leggings and tunics - so on trend! (Posted on 1/19/17)
Great boots for the little ones!! Review by Betsy
This year I purchased a second pair of Phoenix Boots for my grandson. They are the only boots he likes to wear. The flexible sole sets them apart from all other boots. He is stable on his feet, able to run and play without dealing with a stiff thick sole. And he loves how warm they are. I will probably buy him another pair next year because his feet keep growing.His outgrown boots are being saved for his little sister. (Posted on 1/5/17)
Wonderful! Review by Driftlessmama
My now 6 year old has been wearing these boots since he was 2; he is now in his 3rd pair and they are so great. We live in WI where it gets below zero often enough and with a pair of wool socks he stays toasty. The flexibility is great, he can scamper on ice and snowhills that other kids struggle with. He is also able to wear them a size big and thus get more than a season out of them most of the time. We have passed them down to other kids and on the 3rd child (with my son wearing them 2 seasons) they are still doing great. Yes, they cost more than some other boots but they are so worth it!
(Posted on 1/5/17)
work in puddles too if you waterproof them! Review by Kelly
I forgot to include this in my other review. We also purchased the waterproofing product that SS recommends and I put 2 good coats on these boots. My son stood in a 1" deep puddle and splashed around a bit and they remained completely dry on the inside. Very happy : )

Note from the Elves: Thanks Kelly! Glad they are working out well. Regular waterproofing will definitely help - but we still recommend rubber boots or bare feet for serious puddle play :-) (Posted on 1/3/17)
Adorable and great for all winter - not just snow! Review by Kelly
I was hesitant to buy these at first because of the price. We don't get that much snow where we live, but I wanted my son to have comfortable, warm boots for when we did. I'm SO glad we got these - he wears them almost every day. Not only do they look absolutely precious, they keep him nice and warm and he LOVES them! He's not quite 2 and he points them out to people he's so pleased ; ). WELL worth the money. I think we'll return for a pair of these each year. (Posted on 1/3/17)
Fabulous boot and stylish colors!! Review by Stefanie
My 5 year old daughter has been wearing Softstar boots for years...since she could walk! She just moved into youth sizing and chose shiny gold for the color this time. Love them! She gets so many compliments and says her feet are always warm! (Posted on 12/23/16)
Well loved boots Review by Chris
My daughter loves her custom shiny hot pink and black boots and they get commented on where ever we go.

She's been wearing them this winter without socks with no problem in city winter but we've barely gone below 0C so far this season. I expect she'll be fine for another 10 or 15 degrees down.

The craftmanship isn't perfect, as is typical of soft star products we've purchased, which keeps this from being a full 5 star review. Minor alignment issues, and an exposed seam inside that has a chaffing potential. There will be variation with handmade goods, but personally I'd strife for higher quality. (Posted on 12/11/16)
LOVE Review by Julia
We absolutely LOVE these shoes! (Posted on 11/28/16)
love these boots Review by Emily
This is our third pair of these (our daughter just keeps growing!) and we adore them everytime. They are cozy and warm, with or without socks, not to mention absolutely beautiful. They are super durable as well, so we are happy to have these to hand down to her brother when he gets older! (Posted on 11/24/16)
Four thumbs up (mom's and daughter's)! Review by Melissa
I bought a pair of custom youth Phoenix boots for my five-year-old daughter, who immediately declared she loved her new boots because "they're so comfy!" I love that they're warm and flexible for her growing feet. She wears them as everyday footwear to school; they have been standing up to some tough wear for a few months now, and they still look new. She normally wears through shoes in a couple months because she's a jumping, running, skipping, falling, constantly moving, rolling-in-the-mud kind of kid. The Elves were wonderfully helpful in providing sizing input because her foot was borderline on sizes, and their guidance was spot on! (Posted on 11/21/16)
Wonderful boots, but color faded immediately Review by Svecmom
The only complaint I have about these boots is that the shiny blue started scuffing and fading as soon as my son started walking around in them. The very first time he put them on. Order something less flashy, and these are 5 star boots. They're warm and cozy and tough. Great for a cold, snowy winter in rural Montana. My 14 month old son absolutely loves them. He wants to show them to everyone, and often hugs and snuggles them when he's not wearing them. He has balance issues and regular hard soles are almost impossible for him to walk in. These allow the muscles in his feet to compensate almost as well as when he isn't wearing shoes. (Posted on 1/31/16)
BEST boots EVER! Review by TJ
We have purchased several pair of the Phoenix boots and absolutely LOVE them! VERY nice for all seasons,even summer! Very well made and absolutely the best boots ever!! ;)

(Posted on 1/14/16)
In love with this boot! Review by Jaclyn
This was my daughter's 3rd pair of Soft Star shoes. Your shoes are the absolute best and these boots did not disappoint. She's wearing them everyday and loves them big time! (Posted on 12/16/15)
Not only for mild to moderate winters! Review by Julia
In the search for a light, yet warm and "kind-a-barefoot" winter boot for my 6yo son, we have bought the red Youth Phoenix Boot and am I glad we did. Winter has just started to "warm up" (or rather the opposite;)) up here (at 70degrees north of the Arctic Circle, Northern Norway), but we already had a few days of -18C. Good conditions therefore to test the boots. And according to my son they passed with flying colors. He wears them with a thin and a thick pair of sock (that is two pairs of socks in total) and he reported warm feet throughout his outside playtime in school. He really loves these boots and it was a bit of a struggle to get him to take them off for bedtime when we got them in the mail. Due to the thicker sole they are not as bendable as you would want from "proper" barefoot shoes, however, this also protects better from the cold kreeping through. The boots are still wonderfully light and my son does not show the clonky way of walking and running as many other children do with their "normal" boots. Thank you, Soft Star Elves, for these fantastic winter boots :D (Posted on 11/17/15)
Very pretty and great quality Review by Kinderreruns
These boots are very pretty. The craftsmanship is way better than another brand we purchased last year. We live way down South and do not get snow like we did when we lived North but it does get cold.....these are perfect! (Posted on 11/2/15)
Great boots, be sure to size up! Review by Another Driftless Mom
Got these boots for Wisconsin winter, where we frequently get sub-zero temps during the coldest times. I've tried various other high-tech cold weather boots for my kids and they have always had cold feet in the winter, even with wool socks. Last year I noticed that my sheepskin boots kept my feet much warmer than the over-engineered hunting boots I had, so I looked into these for my kids and, even though they are made for mild to moderate winters, the reviews I saw were really encouraging - there is one review here that is from my local area, so I expect good results. I ordered a pair and they arrived in a reasonable amount of time, and they looked fantastic. I have searched far and wide for a boot that really allows for a more barefoot experience and this is definitely it, so I am super happy about that! My daughter tried them on and absolutely loved them. They look a little thin so I am curious how they will stand up to the very cold weather, but I am optimistic. The one complaint I have is that I ordered these according to the sizing chart on the website, which clearly states that they have sized these so that there will be room in the shoes for the feet to grow. However when I received them, my daughter's foot filled up the whole shoe and there was little to no extra room. She has another pair of soft star shoes that I ordered about a week earlier and they fit her just as described - with room for her feet to grow. I assume that the added wool in the interior of the boot is what's taking up the added room, but either way, I had to send them back for a size up. So far, that's cost me over $10 in shipping which, after paying about $100 for a pair of boots, seems unfair to have to add to the cost, but the company seemed uninterested in compensating me. To be fair, the company has otherwise always provided wonderful service, sometimes going above and beyond, and all of my other experiences ordering from them have been 100% great. Regarding the matter at hand, I have yet to find out if they will charge me to ship the replacements back, and I have no idea how long I will have to wait for the replacement pair - hopefully they arrive before it gets too much colder out. Other than that, GREAT boots, but I strongly recommend ordering a size up to avoid this problem. Gave 4 stars because of the sizing issue, and because I have not tested them in the cold yet. (Posted on 9/23/15)
Best boots for mom and son Review by molate
We used these boots all this winter in Colorado. My son's Uggs broke very soon, easily, in less than a month. I bought these because they looked sturdier. I'm so happy I did! He asked to use them all the time (they were mine initially), and even using them every day, the boots still have plenty of life for next year, and maybe more! They are warm, very comfortable, and the leather is very high quality and strong. I loved to use them without socks, knowing Soft Star shoes do not uses toxins. My boy breaks shoes very quickly..although these are more expensive than the UGGS, I think they will last 5 or 6 times longer or more...I love these boots and we will continue buying them. They kept us warm....I also love that they allow him to flex his foot..He complained all the time about other boots he has, because he can not move his foot in them. Thank you Soft Star Shoes! Please keep making these boots in the same quality! :-) (Posted on 5/6/15)
Great boots Review by Veronika
I bought these shoes for my daughter to use in kindergarten. We live in Norway and from November to at least march it's pretty cold outside. The boots are really being tested in the kindergarten. They go for a lot of long walks and stay outside for the most of the day. The boots really keep the feet warm and dry through the day (with wool socks) :) Also the sole is really soft and nice!! (Posted on 1/13/15)
Wonderful even in frigid temps! Review by Driftless mama
We live in Wisconsin and spring 2014 was frigid. My son wore these boots in even ten below weather and his feet stayed warm, with wool socks. He loves these, wears them as soon as summer is over through the next summer. So far they are lasting 2 winters, buying big worked with big wool socks and this year his feet are staying warm with thinner socks. LOVE THESE! (Posted on 12/17/14)

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Find Your Child's Size!

You can measure your children's feet at home using a book, a ruler and a wall. You can then see where the measurement fits on our charts below to find the recommended Softstar shoe size.

Note: we no longer recommend tracing feet because it usually gives a larger measurement than the method described below. Our sizing charts work in accordance with the following method.

To measure your child's feet:

  1. 1. Remove shoes and socks and place your child's bare foot so that the heel is barely touching a wall.
  2. 2. Place a book on the floor, parallel to the wall, so that it is barely touching the front of the longest toe.
  3. 3. Move your child's foot away carefully and measure the distance from the book to the wall.
  4. 4. Look for your measurement on the sizing charts below to find the recommended shoe size.


  • Wiggle/growing room is already taken into account.
  • If your child is on the border between two sizes then we recommend the larger size.



SANDAL SIZING: Our child sandals tend to run big since they are open-toed and open-heeled.We recommend ordering one size smaller than the recommended size for sandals.

BOOT SIZING: Boots tend to run small due to sheepskin lining and (often) thicker socks. It is usually safe to go up at least one size when buying Soft Star boots for your child.  The North Star is a more "fitted" style, so order a wide if you plan to wear with thick socks or if you want a roomy fit.

MOCCASIN NOTES: The good thing about soft, moccasin-style shoes (like the Roo or Viley) is that extra length is generally not a problem, so you can often buy with growing room. Your child's foot will slide right to the front of our moccasins and the excess length will be in the back behind their ankle—no worries about tripping over extra length at the toe. Think of it like a glove for their feet. The moc style shoe is very forgiving if too big, which is a good thing if you are on a budget.

If your child has thick or chubby feet, be sure to indicate you need a wide width. If your child has EXTRA wide feet, please read this.

Printable Stand-On Size Guides

We recommend using the measuring method shown above for the most accurate sizing, but if you'd like a simpler method (especially when measuring squirmy children) then you may want to try our printable size guides. Just print the guide below and follow the instructions on the page.

Note: before you print these guides, make sure your printer settings will not shrink or scale the page. Uncheck any boxes labeled "Fit to Printable Area" and/or set scaling options to "None."


Care Tips for Sheepskin Boots

Softstar Phoenix boots are made from genuine, high quality sheepskin.


While genuine sheepskin is incredibly cozy and beautiful, it is also delicate and will stretch under strain. When wearing your Phoenix boots, use care to avoid stepping off the back or sides of your heels while you walk as doing so repeatedly can affect the shape of the boots and alter the way they fit. The best way to prevent this is by insuring you purchase the correct size. For adults, we recommend selecting a boot size that fits very snugly at first, as they will stretch over time. For children, growing room is important, so a little extra space is recommended. If possible, have your kids wear their boots the first few times on dryer days to give them time to form to their feet.


The boot uppers are made from eco-friendly leathers that are tanned in the USA. Our leather hides are natural products and some variation in texture and markings is to be expected. If you need to clean your boots, wash gently by hand with a damp cloth and let them air dry.


Condition the leather as often as desired with any quality leathercare product, but take care not to get any oils on the edges of the rubber soles. Mink oil, specifically, will degrade the sole adhesion and can lead to separation of soling over time—we do not recommend the use of mink oil anywhere on our boots, as it can eventually seep down to the sole. We recommend Bee Natural Amore for general conditioning or Bee Natural Rain and Snow or Nikwax Full Grain Waterproofing for enhanced moisture protection. Be careful to use these products only on the smooth leather portion of the shoes and not on the suede cuffs (leathercare products designed for the full grain leather uppers may permanently darken suede). It is not necessary to apply a suede protectant or waterproofer to the cuffs, but doing so may help keep that portion of the boot looking clean. If you do choose to add extra protection to the suede, be careful to use a product specifically made for suede leather.


Sheepskin boots can take 3-4 days to air dry if fully soaked with water. You can speed up the drying process by stuffing the boots with old newspapers and replacing the paper twice a day. If they become this wet, be very careful to avoid wearing them again until fully dry because the leather will be more susceptible to stretching and the fit may alter. Do not attempt to dry your shoes by exposing them to high heat, such as a clothes dryer, a hair dryer or by leaving them on a radiator or next to a fire. Doing so may damage leather or rubber soles.

Click here to see a complete listing of our leather colors

We do our best to get the most accurate leather color swatch photographs possible, but not all screens will show colors the same way. A customer once suggested we tell people what Crayola™ color crayon our leathers most closely match and we thought it was a fantastic idea! Below you will find the Soft Star colors and the corresponding Crayola™ Crayon names.

We're also happy to offer coloring sheets for our popular kids' styles, so your children can design their own shoes at home!

Click on the style below to open a printable coloring page:

Elf Moc

Elf Moc








Color Key: Suede Leather

Suede Color

Crayon Color

Chocolate Brown / Sepia
Honey Burnt Sienna
Burgundy Chestnut
Tan Raw Sienna
Mustard Yellow Orange
Pink Melon / Pink Carnation
Fuchsia Maroon / Cerise
Watermelon Mango Tango / Salmon
Red Red / Scarlet
Navy Midnight Blue
Royal Blue
Blue / Denim
Medium Blue
Cadet Blue
Turquoise Blue Green
Forest Pine Green
Emerald Sea Green
Lavender Purple Mountain's Majesty
Purple Violet (Purple)



Color Key: Smooth Nova Leather

Nova Color

Crayon Color

Ocean Denim
Yellow Yellow
Grass Green
Orange Red Orange
Red Brick Red
Nutmeg Brown
Black Black
White White