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At Softstar, all of our soles are thin, flexible and zero-drop to give you the most barefoot-like experience possible. We're constantly on the lookout for the latest soling materials that will maximize durability, traction and groundfeel while keeping your feet naturally flexible and happy.

We currently use several different types of soles because we've found some work better than others for certain shoe styles. For example, some soles can only be stitched to shoes while others can only be bonded. The following guide describes all of the soles we use, along with a list of the shoes that are made with them. Please note that the sole thickness applies only to the described outersole material and does not include the thickness of innersole or midsole material, which may differ between shoe styles.

Expand each sole type for more details:

  • Suede Sole (with sheepskin innersole)


    Thickness: 1-2mm (natural hides vary), plus sheep fluff.

    Material: Suede Leather + Genuine Sheepskin

    Our signature moccasin sole—soft and flexible! This incredibly lightweight leather material is lined with a genuine sheepskin innersole for an extrememly cozy feel. Intended for indoor and light outdoor use, this all-natural leather material allows grounding conductivity and maximum ground feel for barefoot enthusiasts. It literally molds to the shape of your foot!

    Used for these shoes: All ages/sizes of Roo Moccasins, Baby Buttercup Moccasins, Fireside Slippers and Sparky Slippers.

  • Sof-Touch Sole - DISCONTINUED. Click for more info...


    Thickness: 4mm

    Material: Rubber Compound

    A very thin and flexible rubber compound sole. Ideal for early walkers when they begin to run around outside. Please note that this sole is not durable enough for the wear and tear of older kids, so it is only available up to child's shoe size 7 (approximately 2 years old).

    DISCONTINUED: We are sorry to say that we are no longer able to source the material used for this sole, but our shoemakers are looking for an alternative. Although Sof-Touch is no longer used for making our shoes, you may still find it on baby or child shoes in our clearance category.

  • Pyramid Sole


    Thickness: 6mm

    Material: Rubber Compound

    Similar to the Sof-Touch sole, but slightly thicker and more durable. The Pyramid sole is an ideal minimalist sole for all ages. It holds up well and provides flexibility for both kids on the playground and adults running errands.

    Used for these shoes: Baby and Child Classics, Baby and Child Sandals, Baby, Child and Youth Ramblers, Youth and Adult Merry Janes, Adult Solstice Sandals.

  • Street Sole


    Thickness: 2mm

    Material: Rubber

    Our thinnest and lightest pure rubber sole. Our Street sole keeps the space between your feet and ground as minimal as possible for a durable outdoor shoe. Perfect for walking or running on smooth surfaces or for trail runners/hikers who want a durable shoe with lots of ground feel. If you are new to minimalist shoes then it is recommended to gradually strengthen your feet for barefoot-style running/hiking before using this sole for long distances on rough or rocky terrain (walking a little bit in this sole every day is a great transitional exercise).

    Used for these shoes: Adult Moc3 RunAmocs*, Adult Dash RunAmocs, Adult Primal RunAmocs.

    *The Moc3 RunAmoc uses a unique minimally-cut pattern of the 2mm Street sole to allow maximum flexibility, available only for this shoe.

  • Trail Sole


    Thickness: 5mm (additional 4mm mid-sole added to shoes with Rugged Trail soles)

    Material: Rubber Compound

    Designed for our RunAmoc running shoes, but also popular for casual use. High level of ground feel. The thickness of our Trail sole adds extra durability over our 2mm Street sole, and the tread pattern provides additional traction on rough surfaces. This sole is ideal for trail runners/hikers and for those who want barefoot movement with a little extra protection while crossing rough surfaces, such as gravel or rocky paths. While many barefooters love the Trail sole, it is also an excellent option for people new to minimalist shoes.

    Used for these shoes: Adult Dash RunAmocs, Adult and Youth Primal RunAmocs.

    Also used for these shoes with additional 4mm mid-sole: Child and Youth Rugged Ramblers.

  • Bullhide Leather Sole


    Thickness: 3-4mm (natural hides vary)

    Material: Smooth Leather—please note that this sole can become very slippery on smooth, wet surfaces

    Our most flexible and unique outdoor sole! Leather soles are great for dancers or people looking for leather "foot gloves." The pliable texture of the natural bullhide leather provides our highest level of ground feel and most unrestricted foot movement. This sole is a favorite for people who prefer to run or walk barefoot—it literally molds to the shape of your foot! Like the street sole, if you are new to minimalist shoes then it is recommended to gradually strengthen your feet for barefoot-style running/hiking before using this sole for long distances on rough or rocky terrain (walking in this sole a little bit every day is a great transitional exercise). The natural material of this sole also allows grounding conductivity. While this leather material is not fully waterproof, it is naturally water resistant and will repel moisture to some degree.

    Used for these shoes: Adult Dash RunAmocs (only available when you customize the shoe).

  • Geo Sole


    Thickness: 6mm or 8mm (photo shows 8mm version)

    Material: Rubber Compound

    Although the Geo sole is one of our thickest soles, its extremely light and flexible texture gives ground feel that compares to even our thinnest options. The Geo sole also provides a very high level of traction, making it an ideal shoe for helping you maintain balance when you're on the go. We use this sole in two thicknesses: 6mm and 8mm.

    6mm Geo sole used for these shoes: Adult Ramblers, Child North Star Boots, Child Phoenix Boots.

    8mm Geo sole used for Adult Rogues. Also used with 4mm mid-sole for Hawthorne Chukkas.

  • Cherry Sole


    Thickness: 4mm

    Material: Rubber Compound

    Our Cherry sole is lightweight with excellent abrasion and slip-resistant characteristics—comfortable, yet durable for casual everyday use.

    Used for these shoes: Adult Ballerine Flats.

  • Lightning Sole


    Thickness: 4mm (usually with 7mm mid-sole)

    Material: Rubber Compound

    The Lightning sole is our best recommendation for adult feet in heavy winter conditions. The unique lightning-shaped tread on this shoe gives improved traction on snow and ice.

    Used with 7mm mid-sole for our Youth and Adult Phoenix Boots.