Once or twice a year, the Softstar elves set aside an afternoon for a playday. This is an day in which we stop working and are encouraged to engage in a creative project of our choice. We're allowed to use the equipment and materials at Softstar and our activities don't need to have anything to do with work (though we are shoemakers, so lots of shoes usually come up).

The purpose of our playdays is to encourage creative thinking, develop new skills and to HAVE FUN! At the end of the day, we gather together and take turns talking about what we did... because what playday would be complete without show & tell? Sometimes the projects are developed into salable products, sometimes they teach us new ways to work with materials and reuse waste and sometimes they just make us happy with a fun day at work.

We post a detailed summary of every playday on our blog, but you can enjoy this brief slideshow of every playday project we've done since 2013: