Made in the USA

Handmade in USASofstar Shoes is one of the last remaining makers of adult and children footwear that can proudly say that our product is made in the USA. We also source our raw materials as close to home as possible, with leather tanned in US tanneries and our soling materials purchased from Vibram's™ USA product lines. While more expensive than other options, we feel it results in a better quality product with a smaller carbon footprint. We choose to make our product here, in the USA,  because we love our craft

In the 1960's, the USA was the world's leading manufacturer of footwear. Today 99.8 % of the shoes available to purchase in the USA are made abroad. The main reason for this is corporate profits. Happily for us, Softstar is not just about a bottom line—it is our lives' work and we want it to embody our values. When we considered exporting our manufacturing or purchasing cheaper materials, we saw how it would compromise our values by participating in markets that exploit workforces, ignore cultures, degrade environments and feed increases in inequality. We are proud to handcraft a product that is rooted in fair trade and green initiatives. Click here for more information on our initiatives to make the world a better place, or click here to learn more about what goes into your Softstar Shoes.

RunAmocs, shoes, boots, sandals and toddler slippers are just some of the styles that we handcraft for men, women, teens and children. Aside from making it a priority to offer exceptional footwear at reasonable prices, one of our core values is to create shoes that help to maximize the strength and flexibility of the feet. Our handmade moccasins, as well as the other footwear we make, are designed with soft soles and roomy foot beds. This not only results in light, comfy moccasins and shoes, but also helps simulate the sensation of being barefoot: toes can spread, the arch of the foot is not constrained by stiff, contoured foot beds and the joints, muscles and bones of the foot and ankle can move freely. While we have a diverse array of leather moccasins available in our seasonal collection colors, we are also happy to make custom handmade moccasins. In fact, we have structured our site to make ordering a completely unique pair of men's or women's moccasins as easy as ordering one of current collection items. Simply visit the Design Your Own section of our site, select your size, leather colors, and type of material you would like us to use for the sole and we will begin working on your special order right away.

Because our shoes are made in the USA you will receive all of the benefits that come with doing business with a family-owned company that adheres to old fashioned values like superior customer service. Our policy for returns and exchanges is very generous so that you never get stuck with something that doesn't fit right. We have also provided our customers with multiple ways of shopping for the quality footwear we make. Orders can be placed online or over the phone, and we respond promptly to any questions or concerns you may have. So if you are ready to treat your feet with a great pair of mocs, place your order today!