What's in a Name?

Color Swatches

Describing colors is the second hardest thing we try to do over the phone and on our website. Several years back we had a customer suggest using Crayon colors to help people figure out what the leather colors look like (you can read that post here).

Another 'trick' I often use is comparing the color of the leather to a common object - usually some type of food. For example I've often said our smooth Brown looks like coffee with cream in it. This usually helps folks visualize the color.

We have taken this approach to heart and are trying to get more descriptive with our colors. You will no longer find 'brown' listed as a smooth leather color... there are just TOO many browns! Now you will find Chocolate, Caramel, and Nutmeg. Well, Chocolate and Caramel are pretty good at creating a visual image... Nutmeg may need some work.

By the way, the hardest thing we try to do over the phone is help people pick out the right size without having them try on a shoe.

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