The Rouge Elf Laughs...

Today the "Rouge Republican Elf" had the last laugh. Earlier today we sent out an email to our customers about May specials (click here to view coupons and specials) and in it we always link to our blog articles, including the one below about Presidential shoes. In it, I made the mistake of taunting our Republican co-elf. (Larkin usually edits the emails and is good about reminding me that I don't really have a good sense of humor - but as she is nesting in at home with new baby, I was left to my own devices.) So while I got in my little jab in about Republicans, elf DeAnn (aka "rouge Republican elf") got the last laugh when our Republican customers got a hold of ME and gave me an earful for picking on her. Judging by customer response, it sure indicates a close race in November!

For the record, we ARE making a pair of shoes for each Presidential candidate as we have an elf in each corner. My apologies to DeAnn and any ire I raised with our Republican friends. By the way, I think DeAnnkind of likes the title of "Rouge Elf"... we might need to make a T-shirt or something :-)

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