Barefoot and Pregnant

Only a couple more weeks? until the newest Soft Star elf will arrive! I spent today organizing all the teeny, tiny baby clothes in her/his dresser-- hard to believe someone can be so small. On top of the dresser we have the tiniest pair of little red Soft Star baby shoes-- the one and only pair of February clearance shoes that for whatever reason didn't sell-- they were my favorite from the start so I guess they were just meant to be for our little one. I think we'll engrave his/her name and birth date in the bottom as a keepsake set of shoes.

My sister is designing us some birth announcements-- she is an artist who designs beautiful cards and recently updated her website with a slide show of card ideas set to the tune of "Unforgettable". You can check it out at Needless to say I am very pregnant as the slide show made me cry, but hopefully you will enjoy it without the tears. (Give the drop-down flower about 15 seconds to drop down from the top of the page and then click on it).

By the way - we are taking a pool on the baby-- if you add a comment to this post and guess the correct delivery date and sex - the Elves at Soft Star will send you a free pair of baby shoes! Good luck! Our official due date is April 1st.

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