Grandpa is Visiting!

Tivi turned 3 this weekend-- and as a special treat, her Grandpa "Yoda" came up from Texas to visit. (Yes, our family is into odd nicknames.... more later.) Today he is here in the workshop helping finish shoes. Tim would normally not relinquish this task to just anyone , but Grandpa Yoda used to be an avid leather crafter. He made leather wallets, bags, belts, ect... He and a friend even made a saddle which won first place in the rodeo competition... so finishing out the shoes was a natural fit for him. It is so satisfying to have him and Tivi together here at the workshop-- today is a good day!

We are working throughout July on building up our new "in-stock" shoes. We are so excited for everyone this fall to try out our new rugged roo sheepskin moccasins and our new easy-on, fully lined fleece toddler boots. We also have been getting a lot of requests lately for "summer moccasins"... mocs without the sheepskin soles.

Note on nicknames... "Yoda's" family goes by: Oso, Oti, Sweets, Cody, Woody, Chubsy, NeNe, Machiney and BoBo. Maybe we should enlist Yoda to develop names for new shoe designs :-)

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