Color Swatches

Are you having trouble imagining exactly what our leather colors look like? Now you can have a sample of our swatches mailed directly to you! You can select up to six colors below. Scroll down for descriptions of each leather type.

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97% of 100

Color Swatches

97% of 100

Are you having trouble imagining exactly what our leather colors look like? Now you can have a sample of our swatches mailed directly to you! You can select up to six colors below. Scroll down for descriptions of each leather type.

Select Up to 6 Colors
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Nova, Sublime, Plonge... What's the Difference?

You will notice that our smooth, full grain leathers come in a variety of grades and styles. We've found some of these to work well on certain shoes, but not on others. For this reason, when you choose to custom design a shoe with smooth leather you will only see certain types available.

Click below to read a description of each leather type.

  • Smooth NOVA

    A durable leather that is slightly stiffer than our other smooth leather options. Used for shoes that need the extra stiffness for proper support. This includes most of our shoes that are stitched directly to the sole, such as our Classics, Sandals, Ramblers and Merry Janes. Texture appearance looks the same as our Sublime and Vegetable Tanned leathers, though grain size can vary throughout every hide.

  • Smooth SUBLIME

    A durable smooth leather that is softer than Nova. We use this leather for our "turned" shoes (those that are made inside-out and then turned so the seams are on the inside) because the softer texture wraps around the foot well for a cozy fit. Used for our Roo moccasins, Dash RunAmocs and Primal RunAmocs. Texture appearance looks the same as our Nova and Vegetable Tanned leathers, though grain size can vary throughout every hide.

  • Smooth Aged Leather

    This soft leather has been distressed to give it a rustic look. It is used to make our Rogue shoes and select parts of our other custom shoes.

    Please note: aged leather peels easily when scuffed.

  • Vegetable-Tanned Leather

    The only leather we import from Europe, due to it's highly sustainable properties. While all of our leather meets our sustainable standards (all of our leather is tanned without formaldehyde and colored with non-toxic food grade dye), this leather goes a step further with a purely vegetable-based tanning process using only grass-fed cows raised on controlled sustainable pastures in Germany's Bavarian Alps. Preferred by people with extreme chemical sensitivity. Due to it's high cost, there is an extra surcharge for use of vegetable-tanned leather in custom shoes. Texture appearance looks similar to Nova and Sublime leathers, though grain size can vary throughout every hide.

    Please note this "naked" leather is likely to show cosmetic flaws and stains easily, even with just water.

  • Shiny Leather

    Smooth leather dyed with a glossy finish to give a shiny reflective look. Available for most of our custom shoes that are made from either Nova or Sublime leather.

    Please note that shiny leather will dull with wear. Here's an example of Shiny Gold toddler moccasins worn for several weeks:


  • SuperFabric®

    Used exclusively on Switchback boots, SuperFabric® is an innovative new textile that is nearly indestructible. Performance is enhanced through the configuration of tiny armored plates that provide resistance to a variety of harsh elements. An environmentally friendly solvent-free curing method is used to make this material: no water or phthalates are used and no VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) are produced during the process. SuperFabric® is waterproof, yet breathable and is resistant to abrasions, punctures, slashes and stains.

  • Torino Leather

    This uniquely durable leather is made in the USA and pretreated with LeatherShield™ for additional waterproofing and abrasion resistance. It is also anti-bacterial and protected against light fastness. Used exclusively on Switchback boots.

  • Dublin Leather

    Dublin is a slightly thicker, denser leather used exclusively for our Hawthorne Chukka ankle boots.

  • Plonge Leather

    The softest and lightest leather we could find! Since it is so thin and buttery soft, plonge leather works great for our baby Buttercup moccasins and the decorative trim on our adult Ballerine flats and is only used for these two styles.

  • Suede Leather

    Leather made from the lower layers of a hide to give a soft cloth-like texture. Available for select shoes, including kids' moccasins, adult Dash RunAmocs and the heels of our Ballerine flats.

  • Nubuck Leather

    A top-grain bovine leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side, or outside, to give a slight nap of short protein fibers for a velvet-like surface. Nubuck is unique because it has the durability of a top-grain leather with a soft touch that feels similar to a suede leather. Used for adult Roo moccasins and select special edition shoes.

  • LITE Leather

    A thin smooth leather covered in perforation holes to give shoes extra ventilation. LITE leather is a favorite for runners in hot climates as it helps keep feet cool and dry. Used for our RunAmocs and Ballerines.

  • Ultrasuede (vegan)

    A synthetic animal-free material with a texture similar to suede. Used to make our vegan shoes.

  • Elastic Fabric

    Our cloth elastic is a non-leather (animal-free) material used for the straps of select shoes, including our child sandals and Ballerine flats that feature the optional sport closure. A small amount of elastic is also added to the buckles of our Merry Janes and Solstice Sandles to allow a little stretchy "give". This helps hold the strap secure while allowing the wearer to pull the shoe on or off without needing to unbuckle.

  • Merino Wool

    This wool fabric, used to make our Zen Moccasins and occasional specialty shoes, is made from 100% merino wool for exceptional softness and comfort. We used the purest and highest quality wool we could find, unlike other wool shoes that are made from blends of lesser wools and synthetics. Not only is our merino wool material made using ecologically-sustainable methods, it is also sourced from humanely-treated sheep.

    While we do our best to source our shoemaking materials from within the United States, we sometimes make exceptions for materials that exceed standards for ethical fashion. Our merino wool is sourced from Germany due to its high quality of soft, durable fibers with ethical animal welfare standards and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification. This certification ensures it has been tested to show it does not contain any harmful substances. The limit values for the Standard 100 go beyond international requirements to test for both regulated and non-regulated substances that may be harmful to human health.

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