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Recommended Camping Shoes

Looking for a comfortable, lightweight and durable shoe to take on your next camping adventure? Look no further!

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  • Campsite Shoes: Roo Moccasins
  • Campsite + Light Hiking or Trail Running: Moc3 RunAmocs
  • Heavy Hiking or Trail Running: Dash RunAmocs

Around the Campsite: Roo Moccasins


Our Roo moccasins are perfect for keeping your feet cozy around the campsite. The soft, flexible design will help your feet relax after a long day of hiking, and our natural, breathable leather is durable enough to withstand scrapes and sharp rocks. Genuine sheepskin innersoles are great for all seasons—they add warmth on cold nights, but also naturally wick moisture to keep your feet dry on hot days. An added bonus: our leather won't melt when you sit close to a campfire like synthetic shoes tend to do!

We have many styles of Roo moccasins available in all sizes. Click the options below to search in your size group, or to design your own in the custom colors of your choice:

Campsite + Light Hiking or Trail Running: Moc3 RunAmocs


Looking for a slip-on moccasin with a little more grit? Try our Moc3 RunAmoc. This revolutionary shoe, created for us by veteran Nike shoe designer Mike Friton, is lined with an elastic layer of Breather-O-Prene to stay snugly on your foot. An outer shell of thin perforated lather adds extra protection. Our 2mm rubber Vibram Street sole is cut to a special minimal pattern to give this shoe a tough, durable bottom while keeping it as flexible as possible. The entire shoe weighs only about 5.5oz (depending on size) and rolls up easily to stuff into a backpack or under a belt. Very breathable and easy to slip on and off, the Moc3 will protect your feet on rough surfaces while keeping you as close to barefoot as possible. Great for light hiking and super comfortable for lounging in a camp chair!

Our Moc3 is available in Adult sizes only: You can choose from our collection colors or design your own:

Heavy Hiking or Trail Running: Dash RunAmocs


Is your outdoor adventure taking you on rocky hikes? Our Dash RunAmoc is great on the trails—especially with the appropriately-named 5mm Trail sole! Our Dash style is a favorite for all sports, from tennis and crossfit to trail running and adventurous hiking. Although we don't recommend using our shoes in water or to cross streams, we often hear from customers who wear them for their Pacific Crest and Appalachian Trail hikes. If you're worried that a minimalist shoe may not provide the supprt you need on a rocky path, then you may be in for a surprise: many doctors now believe that minimalist shoes allowing your foot to move freely and pronate or supinate naturally over uneven trails may be the healthiest option for your feet [read this article by Dr. Ray McClanahan and Dr. Glenn Ingram for more info]. Our Dash RunAmoc has been tried and tested thoroughly by ultrarunners on the roughest trails. After finishing the Leadville 100-mile ultramarathon in them, Donald Buraglio had this to say:

"Here’s how happy I was with my RunAmocs: I didn’t take them off my feet for nearly 5 more hours after the race."

Lightweight and flexible, the natural leather used in our RunAmocs is also more breathable than most shoe materials, keeping your feet ventilated and feeling fresh (and keeping foot odor to a minimum).

Our Dash RunAmoc is available in Adult sizes only: You can choose from our collection colors or design your own: