Biomechanist and Author Katy Bowman Visits Soft Star Shoes

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Biomechanist and Author Katy Bowman Visits Soft Star Shoes

We were honored yesterday to have a special visitor at the Soft Star workshop.

Katy Bowman. M.S. has earned an international reputation for educating the general population on alignment and load science. She has written several books about restoring health through natural movement and the importance of healthy feet. She is also the director of the Restorative Exercise Institute, the creator of the Restorative Exercise DVD kits for Gaiam and the author of the popular blog Katy Says... and we're thrilled that she loves our shoes!

Biomechanist and Author Katy Bowman Visits Soft Star Shoes

Katy's family with their new kickers!

Katy and her family stopped by Soft Star on their road tripping vacation through Oregon. After picking out new shoes for all the kids, I was excited to give her and her oldest son a tour of the workshop to show them step-by-step how we make our shoes. I think her son liked our colorful leather room the best, and he had the privilege of hand picking the star colors for his child Classics. I was also very proud to show off my standing desk to Katy, since I knew for a fact she's a fan of them (standing workstations happen to be the subject of her next project, in collaboration with paleo guru Mark Sisson).

Biomechanist and Author Katy Bowman Visits Soft Star Shoes

Me with Katy at my standing desk, where I proudly keep a collection of her books.

If you follow our blog then you'll know that we love reviewing and sharing Katy's work. Her first book, Every Woman's Guide to Foot Pain Relief, skillfully presents scientific research with practical solutions for foot ailments like bunions, hammer toes and plantar fasciitis that many women suffer from every day. Her most recent publication, Whole Body Barefoot, shows how restoring natural foot function and making wise footwear choices can alleviate pain and restore health to your entire body. This is the foundation of Soft Star's shoemaking philosophy!

Click here to see the complete collection of Katy's written works.

We wish Katy and her family a safe and happy time in Oregon, and we're looking forward to the release of her next book!

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