Barefoot Tour with Barefoot Ted

Posted on May 10, 2010 by Soft Star Elves There have been 0 comments

Barefoot Ted at Soft Star Barefoot Ted with Soft Star Co-Owner Larkin Holavarri

Barefoot Ted whisked into the Soft Star workshop last Thursday for a tour and a walk along our beautiful Willamette River. "El Mono" was one of the most energizing visitors we've had in a long time.

We went out for dinner and he warned us he eats a lot. YES HE DOES, but a lot of salad... even salad for dessert! Ted tried on a range of Soft Star products and we tried on his handmade huarache Luna running sandals. It was fun and informative to exchange what we know, love and dislike about minimal shoe designs.

It was a treat to hear his perspective and passion about how beautiful, strong and wonderful feet are! Thanks Ted, for sprinkling your positive energy around the workshop. We loved your visit!

You can follow Barefoot Ted's adventures on his blog.

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