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Soft Star Shoes for Resale and Reuse!

Do you have a pair of Soft Stars you don't need anymore, but are still in great shape? With your help, we can create a community to support each other in getting the most miles out of your shoes. We're excited to offer this Ebay tool to buy and sell secondhand Soft Stars.

Please note that you will need an active Ebay account to either post a listing or to make a purchase.

Reuse Repurpose Resell

To Buy:

Click on any of the listings below to see more details or to place a bid (you will be taken to that item's Ebay page). If there are no search results, then there are no current listings with the word softstars in the title.

To Sell:

Simply post your shoes on Ebay and be sure to include the word softstars in the title (plural, no spaces, not case-sensitive). Your auction listing will automatically appear in the window below so people can find it on this page. It may take about 15 minutes after posting for the listing to appear here. Sorry, but just having "Soft Star Shoes" in the title yields too many search results for other products—that's why we limit the search below to show only listintg that include the exact word softstars.

  • Correct: "Moccasins from Soft Star Shoes, Child 7 - Softstars"
  • Incorrect: " Awesome Soft Star Moccasins!" Sorry but this won't show up in the search results below.