Playful Pancakes - Cat Toys for Charity

These natural catnip toys were inspired by our friend Cassidy. Softstar donates 100% of the proceeds for these toys to Kids For Kids, an organization that combats hunger in Darfur, Sudan.

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Playful Pancakes are catnip-filled toys for your feline friends—inspired by our friend Cassidy. For each toy purchased, Softstar Shoes donates 100% of the proceeds to Kids For Kids, an organization that combats hunger in Darfur, Sudan. Grab a few for you and your kitty friends and help provide kids in Sudan with nourishing goat (kid) milk at the same time.

Playful Pancakes are now made by the elves from sheepskin and leather scraps. The body is 3 inches (8cm) long with a leather tail that ranges from 8 to 12 inches. Yummy catnip pellets are sandwiched between the sheepskin and perforated leather. We have thoroughly tested these toys on our own kitties and they passed inspection with flying colors! Labor and shipping are donated by the elves. Playful Pancakes come in an assortment of colors, so no two are alike.

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Elizabeth from Gainesville, Florida sent us this video showing how much Stella, her daughter's kitty, loves her Playful Pancake. Elizabeth writes: "To say it was a hit is an understatement!"

Customer Reviews

Kitties Approve Review by Anna
My cats love to play and are picky about their toys. Many toys I thought they would love, they just ignore. This one was a hit as soon as I unpacked it. They've been playing with it ever since. Thanks for making happy kitties! (Posted on 3/6/18)
Happy kitties Review by CHRISTINA
My cats LOVE these toys so much!! I love how every one I have purchased looks different. I feel good that the money for these toys are going to Kids for Kids. I buy at least 8 to 10 of these a year. My cats play very rough with their toys. These especially. My cats worship me because of these toys. (Posted on 1/18/18)
Just ordered another one! Review by Kathy
The cats are having a blast with these. That the proceeds go to charity is an added benefit. (Posted on 1/12/18)
Win-win-win Review by Elisabethe
Top toy at our house. I should have added a fourth 'win'.
Win #1 - cat loves it!
Win #2 - uses leftover materials, so waste is minimal.
Win #3 - supports kids' charity!
Supplemental win - dog even likes the toy and play gently with it.
(Posted on 6/5/17)
Favorite toy Review by Erica
I just ordered a 2nd one because my cats kind of fight over this one. I also love that I can see all kinds of leather types and colors sewn into the toy. It's like getting a color swatch! (Posted on 3/14/17)
It works! Review by Amanda
I bought one a few months ago, and my cat consistently plays with it. It looks well made and very durable, and the best looking cat toy out of the 5 that I own. I loved it so much that I bought another two for a friend, and she said that her cat plays with it all the time! I don't smell the catnip myself, but I bet my cat does. (Posted on 1/14/17)
Too COOL! Review by Grace
Both my cats noshed on the ONE pancake I ordered with my shoes. Silly me --- I should have purchase several!!!

They love it to pieces (literally) Maybe the deco leather needs some reinforced stitching because my cats chewed some of that off in the first round of play when I took them out of the shipping box! (Posted on 1/4/17)
A New Cat Craze! Review by Paula R.
I have to lay the blame directly at your feet, Elves, for the kitty hysterics we have been seeing in our house! We bought two of your charity toys for our cats, and they have been going out of their minds! These are quite possibly the best cat toys ever! Even my 7 year old female, Lily, is getting her daily dose of exercise; she keeps proudly presenting me with her "mouse" (we call them mice because the cats carry them around by the tail). I haven't seen her this energetic in years! Jasper, our 1 year old, is insane too, but it's hard to say whether it's just his age or your toys to credit. I'd like to think it is the toys =)

Thank you for making such an amazing toy! My cats just love them and for that, I can't help loving you guys even more! (Posted on 9/15/16)
Favorite new toy Review by EmMul
I bought a cat toy with the purchase of some resent shoes. It was barely out of the box when my geriatric cat, that doesn't play much anymore, started pawing, gnawing, and kicking at it. My younger cat has since taken it over and carries it around with her. She loves toys and this is her new favorite. I will have to order a few more with my next shoe purchase. (Posted on 7/28/12)

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Pancake cat toys were created in 2006 by then-7-year-old Cassidy Lynn as a fundraising project. She learned about starvation in Darfur and wanted to do something about it, so she brainstormed the idea of making cat toys and donating proceeds to Kids for Kids—an organization that assists families in Sudan. They combat hunger through the purchase of goats (aka "kids") which provide sustainable milk supplies for their children (aka kids"). You can check out their website or Facebook page for more information.

Cassidy came by our workshop regularly for leather and sheepskin scraps. She recruited elementary school friends to make personalized toys they could sell at local events. Cassidy and her friends made hundreds of toys and purchased over 180 goats in the first 2 years. When Cassidy's mom, Kathy, was diagnosed with terminal cancer early in 2008 the pancake project took a break. In November 2011, the Elves partnered with Cassidy to reinvigorate her Playful Pancake project. 

My name is Cassidy and I live in Corvallis, Oregon. I invented these cat toys and I sell them so I can buy goats for the kids in Sudan so that they won't starve. I've been really hungry before, but never as hungry as I think the children in Sudan are.

Cassidy and Friends

In the picture are me (on the left) and my friends Morgan and Meaghan. The hand with the graham cracker in it is my little brother, Jack.  My friend Aurora helped too but she did it later.

Nacho Playing

That is my Grandma and Grandpa's cat playing with his toy. His name is Nacho. Doesn't it look like Nacho is having fun with that? Don't you want your cat to have that much fun? Even though your cat might have toys already, this is a hand made toy.

And if you buy the toy you will be giving a kid in Sudan a better life by giving them a goat because the cat toy costs as much as one goat. I give the money to Kids for Kids and they buy goats so that the kids can have milk and they can trade it for clothes, food, sheep, camels, and medicine. They give goats because money doesn't breed but goats do and make more goats. Even if you don't have a cat you can still help by going to And if you want to learn more about Kids for Kids you can go to

–Cassidy Lynn, 2006