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Padraig Men's Slipper - Grey

These wonderful hand-dyed wool crocheted slippers are made by a family business in Canada and are Elf-approved for their beauty, functionality and eco-friendly production.

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Price $90.00
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These wonderful hand-dyed wool crocheted slippers are made by a family business in Canada and are Elf-approved for their beauty, functionality and eco-friendly production. Padraig slippers are an all purpose slipper with the same great sheepskin soling concept that we use in our moccasins. Innersoles are soft, genuine sheepskin, and outersoles feature non-slip suede. You will appreciate how easily it slips on and off.

Like all wool/sheepskin products, these slippers are great for wear year round. Wool is a natural, breathable material which will keep your foot cool and dry in warm weather, warm and dry in cold weather. You can machine wash and air dry this product over and over—it gets better with use!

  • Hand crocheted from natural, hand-dyed New Zealand wool that moves and breathes with your feet.
  • Sheepskin Innersoles with non-slip suede bottoms.
  • Machine washable.
  • Upper stretches to easily slip foot in.
  • Handcrafted in Canada by Padraig Cottage.

Padraig FAQ

Q: Can I wash these slippers?
A: Yes, they are machine washable, but air dry.

Q: Can I put these slippers in the dryer?
A: No, never put your Padraig slippers in the dryer, they will not survive the ordeal.

Q: Do the slippers stretch?
A: Yes, the elasticity of wool is one of its key benefits, especially for growing feet. However, if after a while they feel too loose, a good wash can bring them back in shape.

Q: If my shoe size overlaps two sizes of Padraig slippers, which size should I choose?
A: Unless you like your slippers to feel a little loose, we recommend going with the smaller size. The wool will stretch over time.

Q: After a time, the bottom of my slippers have turned a dark shiny brown color, is this normal?
A: Yes, this is perfectly normal. With wear, especially on hardwood or tiled floors, the leather fibers are worn and polished. Some people have told us that 50-grit sandpaper brings back the texture, though we haven't tested it.

Q: My slippers are all fuzzy with small pills, is this normal?
A: Yes, Padraig slippers will go through a natural phase of 'pilling' after a few weeks. With continued wear or after washing, these pills will disappear on their own.

Q: I am allergic to wool, will these slippers bother me?
A: Yes, our slippers are made with 100% wool.

Q: Can I wear these slippers outside?
A: No, we do not recommend wearing Padraig slippers outdoors. However, they do make great outside wear for kids in strollers, backpacks, and when worn inside rubber boots.

Q: How long will my slippers last?
A: That really depends on how and how often they are worn. For example, if you are prone to walking on the heels or sides of your shoes, you may experience premature wear of the woolen uppers. However, in most cases, with the correct fit and a little care, they hold up exceptionally well.

Customer Reviews

Great! Review by Suus
We got them from a good friend from British Columbia. We adore them. They last for years. In my case 18 years! Very good quality and good design. (Posted on 12/20/17)
Very nice and warm. Very good quality, it only feels like they will slide from my feet when i walk, but they don't. Pleased. Review by Shiny
I wear them almost 1 month now and i like them. They re nice and warm. Very good quality, it only feels like they will slide from my feet when i walk, but they don't. Still very pleased. (Posted on 9/27/17)
Most Perfect Slippers Review by Greg
I have had a wide variety of slippers over my lifetime, and hands down these are my favorite. I am now on my 5th pair in the last 10 years. Warm, beautifully made and lightweight / breathable. I give these as gifts to everyone I know and hear about how loved they are for years... the gift that keeps on giving. I have never had the problem the other reviewer had with the sole creasing... the are always outstanding quality. (Posted on 11/29/15)
Great Slippers! Review by George
I had looked for slippers for a long time before finding these. The main reason I ordered them was that they were made in the United States. They are nice and comfortable and are high-quality.

Note from the Elves: We are glad you like the Padraig slippers - we do, too! They are made by a family business in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We have visited their workshop and love the quality and care that goes into each pair. (Posted on 7/14/15)
Just heaven Review by Sarah
I love these slippers. Love the cushion the sheepskin insole gives. I no longer have cold feet! (Hubs is happy about that!) My only complaint (and the reason for 4, not 5 stars) is my feet are size 10 womens, and I had to buy men's slippers. The fit is great, but over all these don't cover larger sizes in girly colors and the men's sizes don't go that high. For example they don't make them large enough for my husband. All in all, I'm in Love! (Posted on 2/1/13)
Slippers that hurt your feet Review by John
The leather sole has managed to form a crease right where my arch is. Can not get it to go away as it quickly reforms after I get rid of it. it feels like there is constantly something digging into my foot. Basically it was 85 bucks wasted.

Note from the Elves: John, this sounds like an unfortunate defect in the leather sole. Please contact us so we can send a replacement pair. (Posted on 12/31/12)

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Please note: Padraig slippers will stretch over time. If you are between two sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size (and if they stretch too much, washing will shrink them).

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