Snazzy New Colors for Buttercups and Ballerines

Posted on June 16, 2015 by Elf Martin There have been 1 comment(s)

Question: What do pearl, graphite and kelp all have in common, aside from your kid's science fair project?

Answer: They're the latest additions to our plonge color selection!

New Colors for Buttercups and Ballerines

Our plonge leather is the absolute softest leather we can find. It's buttery-soft texture is what makes our baby Buttercup moccasins so cozy on little feet (and, hence the name). It's also the leather we use to decorate the trim on our adult Ballerine flats.

Just this week, we're excited to add three new selections to this leather collection. You can now find lustrous Pearl, classy Graphite and deeply saturated Kelp (all shown above) as new options when you design your own Buttercups or Ballerines.

We can't wait to see the colorful creations you'll make with these new colors! Here's the first Ballerine to come through our shop with a Graphite trim:

New Colors for Buttercups and Ballerines

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