Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey Shoes and Small Business

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Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey Shoes and Small Business

No, we're not going to start making shoes for turkeys, but did you know that turkey shoes were once very common? Before the railroad, turkey farmers in the British Isles used to march their flocks to nearby villages for holiday feasts. Since turkeys aren't built for marathons, farmers would routinely cover their feet in simple leather "shoes" to keep them protected and help them finish the walk. At Soft Star, we just take this as more evidence to the functionality of soft leather shoes.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year. Our shoemaking elves have worked hard to learn several new designs, and the response from our loyal customers has been overwhelming! Our new Rogue and Merry Jane Metro styles are off to a great start, as seen by the cartloads that roll through our workshop every day. Making shoes in the USA and competing with cheaper foreign-made brands has never been easy, but we're extremely grateful to all of you who have helped support Soft Star this year, and in years past. THANK YOU!!!

As we approach the holiday season, we'd like to encourage you to seek out small businesses and US-made products during your shopping adventures. Whether you're shopping for shoes, toys or a heartwarming memento, a little bit goes a long way in supporting domestic business. And if you're interested in gift ideas from Soft Star, be sure to check out our holiday gift guide.

Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey Shoes and Small Business

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