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Waldorf and Montessori Classroom Shoes

Our recommended classroom shoes are Moccasins and Ramblers styles for all ages

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The Elves have been handcrafting soft, durable classroom shoes for active Waldorf and Montessori classrooms since 1984. Our classroom shoes / moccasins stay on securely while providing comfort, protection and barefoot-like mobility. Made in Oregon, USA from domestically sourced leather and genuine sheepskin.  We have vegan options, too!   

See what some teachers have to say:

"We ask parents to provide "secure, comfortable, and media free" indoor footwear that allow our children the freedom of movement they need. Soft Star Shoes are the best I have found and I feel very thankful to refer our parents to such a great company."
- Meggan Harrison, Lead Teacher, Olympia Waldorf School

"To say that I am impressed with the quality and durability of Soft Star Shoes would be an understatement."
- Dr. Mary Veerkamp, Administrator - Prairie Moon School, Lawrence, Kansas

"We like the Soft Star slippers for the children because they are easy for the child to put on, they stay in place and support the child's movement throughout the classroom. They assist the child rather than acting as a hindrance which happens quite often with other slippers that we have tried. The Soft Star slippers are well made, comfortable, and very durable."
- Mandy Carlson, Day Nursery Teacher, Saratoga Springs, New York


Soft Star partners with Waldorf and Montessori schools to offer back-to-school discounts for classroom shoes in August and September. If you would like your school to be added to our email list to learn about upcoming discounts, please click the appropriate button below:


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