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Soft Star Shoes for Children with AFOs / DAFOs

Some styles of Soft Star shoes can be made in custom kid sizes to work with AFOs and  DAFOs. In addition, we suggest you check out these companies for great options:

We also recommend SmartKnit seamless AFO & KAFO socks, available for purchase through Cascade Dafo.


Details for Soft Star AFO/DAFO Orders:

Styles: Moccasins, Ramblers, Playtime shoe or Laguna sandal styles with Velcro strap closures. Through experience, we have found that our other styles don't work well with DAFOs.

Price: $90.00 

Return or Exchange of AFO/DAFO Shoes:

Soft Star will work with you to get the shoes to fit properly, reworking them as needed. If you decide you do not want the shoe we will refund $45. The remaining $45 is a non-refundable fee is to cover our cost of basic materials.

How to Order:

Make a tracing of the foot with the brace.

  1. Measure the circumference of the instep and ankle with the brace.
  2. Send the tracings and measurements to us at 521 SW Second Street, #201, Corvallis, Oregon, 97333. Do not fax the tracings as this distorts the scale. Please include contact information so we can call you after we receive the information.
  3. Once we review the tracings and measurements, we will contact you with recommendations for styles. At that time we will work with you to choose the colors and motifs for your shoes. We will also talk with you about payment options.
  4. We will then make your shoes and send them to you within 2-3 weeks. Please note that during our busy season (August through December and the month of February) we may not be able to accept orders for custom shoes.