Adult Basic Sheepskin Innersoles

One pair of our genuine sheepskin innersoles to keep feet protected, dry and comfortable!

Sizing Note: These innersoles are made to fit wide shoes and can easily be trimmed with a pair of household scissors, if necessary.

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Price $18.00
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One pair of our genuine sheepskin innersoles to keep feet protected, dry and comfortable. Sheepskin's natural wicking action pushes away moisture to keep feet dry in the summer and cozy in the winter. You can add these innersoles to any of our shoes that are made with plain suede innersoles.

Note: we also sell fitted sheepskin innersoles for our Hawthorne Chukka, Rogue and Rambler adult casual shoes. These removable innersoles easily slip into the footbed of these shoes and do not require any gluing.

Need innersoles in a smaller size? Check out our child/youth sheepskin innersoles. Size 4 Youth is the next size down.

How to glue Basic Sheepskin Innersoles into your shoe:

  1. Check for fit before gluing. When inserted into your shoe, the innersole should reach the front edge without bunching or leaving a gap. Wrinkles can lead to permanent creases, so make sure it lays flat.
  2. If your innersoles are too big then you can cut away the excess with scissors. If it helps, turn your shoe upside-down and lay the innersole on the outside of the sole to see where you need to trim. Please note that trimmed innersoles are non-returnable.
  3. Once fitted, add a drop of adhesive to the leather underside of your innersole, where the ball of your foot would lie. It only takes a small dab of glue to keep the innersole in place, and most household glues or double-sided tape work great.
  4. Fold the innersole lengthwise (like a taco) with the glue on the outside and carefully slide it into the shoe. When you are sure the innersole is placed properly, press down firmly on the sheepskin over the glue or tape.
  5. Lift up the back of the innersole and add adhesive to the underside of the heel. Press into place.
  6. Let the shoes sit overnight before wearing, or as long as your glue needs to set. Re-glue as needed.


Customer Reviews

Great Insoles Review by BMK
Grabbed these in 11-12 for my Size 12 Dashes and I only had to trim about 1CM to get things to fit perfectly. Haven't noticed them slipping about much even without gluing them in yet

Perfect for the cold weather we've been having. (Posted on 1/18/18)
Cold Feet! Review by Cold Feet No More
I couldn't write this review before because my feet were cold. NOT ANYMORE!! I absolutely LOVE these insoles. I put them inside all my winter boot I use a hot glue gun to adhere them to the bottom of my all my boots. I can't say enough great things about these. (Posted on 1/18/18)
Love, Love, Love the inserts Review by FamHaynes
I hate socks but the weather has been cold. The sheepskin inserts are the perfect solution for comfort and warmth. (Posted on 1/20/17)
You want these! Review by Aletha
I've bought 3 pairs of these--1 for a pair of Softstars, 1 for a pair of other barefoot shoes, and 1 for my son's Softstars. They make walking to/from work a happily warm affair in Midwest winter and don't overheat my feet in the other seasons. They also don't accumulate odor and seem to breathe. Have been walking year-round in one pair for over 2 years, and they still don't smell! I do some real pounding on cold pavements in the winter, and that tiny bit of padding in a barefoot shoe makes a huge difference. A cobbler suggested just gluing in the heel, which works well in Softstars with a leather sole. They stay in place perfectly w/out glue in my other shoes. (Posted on 1/10/17)
Ahhhhhh . . . . Review by Grace
What else is there to say about fuzzy, soft and warm fleece in everything you wear on your feet? I put them in all my footwear! Even my wide width non-bearfoot shoes. Snugs up loose flats so you don't have to add all those toe and heal pads to everything. Just shhhhhh . . . . (Posted on 1/4/17)
great solution for any winter barefoot Review by David
Fully satisfied. I use this innersoles for all my winter barefoot shoes. The problem was that thin soles of barefoot shoes are not enough for isolation against cold from ground when you have to more stand than walk. This is right solution. I use it without glue and it fit perfect for all my shoes even from other brands. Added value is soft and comfortable feeling. The most extreme experience was all day staying in basic socks and not very warm leather shoes in - 5 Celsius and no problem with cold. Thank you! (Posted on 12/28/16)
So warm and soft! Review by Kim
I bought these to put in my Soft Star slippers that are 3 or 4 years old (a leather sheepskin lined slipper they don't make anymore). The slippers are still in great condition (of course - Soft Star makes such quality products), but the innersoles are worn, and not keeping my feet warm anymore. Because the slippers have stretched a bit and have a little floppy fit, I ordered two sizes up in the innersoles, and a wide instead of regular. I ended up having to trim just a tiny bit from the heels. They are SO warm and cozy and now my slippers will last a lot longer. Thanks! (Posted on 3/11/16)

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Use the chart below to compare our innersole options and choose the best innersole for your shoe.

We strongly recommend waiting to break-in your shoes before adding sheepskin innersoles. The shoes may feel too tight otherwise and lead you to believe you need a larger size, but they will loosen up with a little wear. The sheepskin fleece will also become thinner after wearing them a few weeks.