Review Softstar Shoes on Your Blog

Note: if you arrived at this page looking to leave a review for a product we sell then you must do that within our individual product pages.

Attention Bloggers!

Are you interested in reviewing a pair of Softstar shoes for your blog or Youtube channel?

We frequently seek out bloggers to post honest reviews of our shoes and help spread the word about our workshop. If we find a blog we like, we will often send a free pair of shoes in exchange for a review.

Before you submit a request for a review, please take the following points into consideration:

  • All of our shoes are designed to be minimalist and allow feet to move as close to barefoot as possible (no arch support, no cushioned heel, etc.). We don't want this to come as a surprise.
  • Softstar will not pay a blogger to review our products. We expect honest feedback from bloggers who want to review our shoes, not a paid endorsement.
  • We only offer our handmade shoes for reviews, not the third-party products we also sell such as Padraig Slippers, Tabor Desert Moccasins or Correct Toes.
  • We will not approve reviews for websites that contain adult content (pornographic, encouraging violence, etc.) or extremist views.

Request Shoes for Review

If you feel your blog readers would enjoy our shoes, then feel free to send a review request via email to and include the following information:

1. Your blog's URL address.

2. Shoe style you are interested in reviewing.

3. A paragraph telling us why you think your blog is a good match for a review of our shoes.

You may request specific colors, but we reserve the right to change them. We often have many unique custom shoes in our workshop and we prefer to send free review shoes we already have in stock instead of making a new pair. We promise we'll try to match your color requests when possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!