Padraig Cottage Slippers


About Padraig Cottage

Padraig Cottage slippers are lovingly crocheted from hand-dyed New Zealand wool that moves and breathes with your feet.

These wonderful slippers have been handmade by a family business in Vancouver, Canada since 1977 and are Elf-approved for their beauty, functionality and eco-friendly production. Padraig slippers are an all-purpose slipper with the same style of cozy sheepskin innersoles that we use in our Softstar moccasins. You will appreciate their beautiful crafted feel and how easily they slip on and off.

Like all wool and sheepskin products, these slippers are great for summer and winter wear. Wool is a natural, breathable material that will keep your foot cool and dry in warm weather and warm in cold weather. These easy-to-clean slippers are also machine washable (air dry only).


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