MOVNAT Moc3 RunAmoc - Black

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So close to barefoot! This extremely lightweight running "sock" fits snugly around your foot, provides excellent groundfeel and durability.

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  • Exceptional flexibility and groundfeel provided by innovative patterned foot bed.
  • Lightweight, weighing less than 5oz! 
  • Breathe-O-Prene® liners wicks moisture and keeps dust and dirt away!
  • Genuine leather uppers, perforated for breathability.
  • Zero drop 2mm Vibram® soling.
  • Can be worn with or without socks.
  • Extremely odor resistant.
  • Reflective strips for nighttime safety.
  • Handcrafted in Oregon, USA.

The Moc3 utilizes Breathe-O-Prene® technology to provide a moisture-wicking and odor-resistant interior that hugs your foot from all sides. A layer of our LITE perforated leather protects the outer shell. The soft, minimal design of this shoes provides a maximum level of barefoot movement, and the extremely thin and pliable soles allow you to feel the texture of the ground under your feet in great detail. Weighing only 5oz, these shoes can be easily pulled on and off, and they roll up nicely to stuff into a pack or slide under a belt. Although the Moc3 was designed with runners in mind, it also makes an excellent and comfortable everday shoe. If you're looking for a truly barefoot experience with the most basic protection from the elements, then you've found your match!

Moc3 for Trail Running:

The thin 2mm soles on the Moc3 is suitable for most dirt, grass and moderate trails. Tough-footed barefooters will love them on rocky, technical trails. Since this shoe provides a very high level of groundfeel, beginners who have not yet strengthened their feet for barefoot-style running are advised to transition to rough/rocky surfaces slowly to avoid injury.

The Moc3 is not water resistant and is not recommended for stream crossing, though they are very easy to slip off and carry when you run through water.

Read a review from that describes how the Moc3 performed on 500 miles of rough trails.

Moc3 Design:

This shoe is designed by veteran running shoe expert, Mike Friton. Mike has over 25 year experience in shoe design and technology, and is currently teaching shoe design at the Portland Art Institute. An avid runner, he spent his early years working in Bill Bowerman's laboratory and with elite runners. With a background in anthropology, he has been interested in historical and cultural evolution of footwear and has a passion for simple, foot healthy designs.