Keeping Baby Warm: Tips From Customer Service Elf Tesla!

Keeping Baby Warm: Tips From Customer Service Elf Tesla!

Do Babies Need Shoes?

Here at Softstar we handcraft soft, barefoot-like shoes for babies, kids, and adults. However, we believe that barefoot is best practice for little ones whose feet are still growing and developing. You might find yourself asking, “Why make baby shoes if barefoot is best?” The short answer is that it’s not always practical for little ones to be completely unshod, such as in cold weather or while toddling around on rough ground or slippery surfaces. In cold weather, moccasins help keep babies feet warm since infants are not able to regulate their body temperature like older children can. Because of this, it is important to dress them warm enough without overdoing it.

In the past people believed that it was fine for babies to have cold feet and hands because it was simply a sign of an immature circulatory system. In recent years, however, the World Health Organization has stated that a baby’s feet and hands should be warm to the touch.


Welcome Baby Sage

When my daughter Sage was born, her body temperature was one of the things that caused me the most stress. She was born in July on a 95 degree day. It would have been much easier if she had been born in the winter because I could have just layered her in clothes to keep her warm. The summer is a different story as it is very easy to over dress a baby in hot weather. The rule of thumb when dressing an infant is to put one more layer on them than you are wearing, but it was so hot that I didn’t even want to wear clothes! What was supposed to put Sage in? After some debate, she ended up spending most of the summer in a onesie and a pair of baby Buttercup moccasins in cooler times of day. Softstar moccasins have sheepskin innersoles, which work as a natural temperature regulator. Her feet were always pleasantly warm to the touch in her Buttercups but never sweaty.

Moccasins also keep baby feet warm while they are spending time in carriers. I could not have survived Sage’s first 3 months without my baby wrap! Her little toes would get so cold in the open air and socks just wouldn’t stay on. We would use our moccasins if we went to the store or if we were just trying to sway her into napping. We use moccasins even now that she is older and they still work very well.


My favorite thing about baby moccasins is that they stay on. If you’ve ever had a baby, you know it’s like a game trying to keep socks on their feet. I would put socks on her and turn around one second later to see both of them on the ground. It was like a magic trick! I quickly gave up on socks and just kept her in moccasins when she wasn’t barefoot. Softstar moccasins have a gentle elastic band around the ankle that makes them easy to pull on but hard for baby to pull off. The moccasins work well with or without socks, so you can put socks on underneath the moccasins on particularly chilly days.

If your baby has extra lovable feet that don’t seem to fit into any sort of shoe, never fear! We can make baby moccasins with larger elastic to fit around the pudgiest of baby feet. Just give us a call before you order so we can help you get the right size.


  1. Martin Niemi
    We are first time grandparents as of one month ago. We will definitely be interested in some of the "baby" models of Softstar Shoes when our first grand child is a little bit older.
    1. Elf Martin
      Congratulations, Martin! Let us know if you need help picking out shoes.
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