Adventure GIVEAWAY: Win $1,000 of Outdoor Gear from Patagonia and Softstar!

Adventure GIVEAWAY: Win $1,000 of Outdoor Gear from Patagonia and Softstar!


Summer officially starts this week, and what better way to kick it off than with a grand adventure giveaway!

We want to help you have a memorable and active summer. That's why we're giving one lucky winner the ultimate outdoor gear prize package:

Win a $500 gift card for Patagonia, plus a $500 gift card for Softstar Shoes!

These gift cards can be used to purchase any products from, or our website, Our staff loves Patagonia's ethical standards, conservation efforts and high quality gear... which are also in alignment with Softstar's values. Whether you're into camping, hiking, cycling or running, you're sure to find the right combination of clothing, equipment and shoes for the ultimate excursion.

Enter by typing your email address below. After you enter, you'll have the option to gain more entries by sharing this contest with your friends:

This Contest Has Ended

The lucky winner: Rebecca from Colorado!
Thanks to everyone who entered. We'll have another contest soon, so be sure you've subscribed to our newsletter to learn about the next one.


Official Rules: contest open worldwide to anyone 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited by law. Limit one email entry per person, no limit on referral entries. Entries close at midnight (PT) on June 26, 2017. Winner will be contacted via email. This contest is not sponsored or endorsed by Patagonia.

If you have trouble with the entry form above them you may enter using the comment form at the bottom of this page. Just fill out the fields for name and email address and type the word "Enter" as a comment. We will manually enter you into the contest and your comment and email address will not be published among the other comments below.


  1. connie danielson
    connie danielson
    I would love to win
  2. Dianne Meboe
    Crossing my fingers!
  3. Dianne Meboe
    Crossing my fingers! Best shoes ever!
  4. Tomas Pedreno
    Really, I've always wanted to get quality gear and never been able to because of the pricing... and Patagonia and Sofstar are two companies not only with high quality standards but also sustainable with the environment, which makes them even more appealing to me.
    I'd definitely be more than extra happy with this special gift!!
  5. Josh Warpenburg
    Josh Warpenburg
    thanks for the opportunity!
  6. James Charney
    Love your products!
  7. Debbie  Penney
    Would love to win!!
  8. Emily Fitch
    Such a fun and exciting giveaway!
  9. Darren
    Woo - Let's hope for luck!
  10. Tracie Williams
    Tracie Williams
    Love Soft Star shoes. I've been wearing the same pair for 3 years and given the Rogue (my favorite to both my mom and dad. Thanks a lot!
  11. sheri
    Would love to win for my two boys and myself!!!!! We have never been able yet to afford any of your shoes, but we keep hoping someday!
  12. Rose Reeder
    Loe to win for large family.
  13. Marcie
    I would love to win this, I could buy everyone in my family a pair of shoes and Patagonia we would all get clothes and a hat for my son.
    Thank you for the generosity.
  14. jcris
    softstar shoes are wonderful
  15. Karen
    What a treat it would be to win - I love SoftStar Shoes. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
  16. Suzie
    I love soft star shoes! I'm obsessed about them!
  17. donna height
    Thank You for the chance
  18. Tehmina
    I love love love Softstar and Patagonia!
  19. Nocona
    I'm feelin' lucky, I think everyone else should drop out and give me the!
  20. Matthew Robison
    Matthew Robison
    Shoes live on your feet during the daytime.
  21. Eileen Boyce
    Love this prize. Thank you!
  22. Ann Thompson
    Love to win!
  23. Maura Westphall
    Maura Westphall
    Two brands that I love! What a gift!
  24. Steven
    Thank you for the generous offer. May wellness and well-being bless you and all whom you love.
  25. Walter Ruhl
    as soon as I have some money saved up I plan to buy a pair of the leather ballet flats and I am gonna start a trend where guys should wear ballet flats barefooted in public why should the girls have all the comfy shoes? and I also hope we get to see more pictures of the employees at soft star shoes at the work place bare footed
  26. Sibyl White
    Since I have three pairs of your shoes, hoping it will be me.
  27. Jeni Tedeschi
    This would be amazing! Thank you so much for the chance!
  28. Cassie McDuffie
    Cassie McDuffie
    Thanks for this chance!
  29. Danielle Anner
    Thanks elves!
  30. Doris Calvert
    This is fantastic! thank you!
  31. Stacy Giacosa-Bauer
    Stacy Giacosa-Bauer
    OMG, Fabulous Giveaway! Crossing my fingers!
  32. Marsha W
    I love Soft star shoes! My feet have been happy ever since I discovered them. I would love to win! Thank you for the chance.
  33. Cardinal
    I love love love your products!!!! Imagining the possibility! Thank you.
  34. Tami O.
    Two absolutely amazing company's that I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!!
  35. Jane Bogetti
  36. CW
    This would be a dream come true, my children, husband and I have had a few hard 4 months , and we have lost everything to our name...including all of our soft star shoes...we have be homeless and with out our normal everyday needs, but blessed with good health, friendship, and new baby on the way....our kids would be extremely grateful to walk in the comfort of soft star shoes again, ....light , love and blessings CW
  37. Edi avdic
    Great shoes!
  38. C. Hendry
    Great Prizes
  39. Amy Bucelewicz
    What an amazing giveaway!
  40. Thomas Gilmore
    Best outdoor hiking shoes and outdoor gear made! Hope to win!
  41. Tara
    I'm trying to get my children (ages 5, 8, 10, 11, 13) hiking with me. It just costs so much and our budget doesn't allow for me to get much. This would be so awesome to win! I could get them shoes and some gear. Thank you for the chance to win!
  42. Laurie Culpepper
    Laurie Culpepper
    Fingers crossed!
  43. Erica Gott
    So excited about this giveaway!
  44. Richard Katz
    looks good
  45. Barb Batten
  46. Amanda
    I'd absolutely love to win, I'd purchase shoes and gear for myself​, husband and my children! We enjoy both companies with an opportunity to win such a sum of money we would be able to all get something!
  47. Lisa Franklin
    Woot! Big fan of camping and LOVE my softstar shoes!! Time of a new pair even! YAY <crossing my fingers>
  48. Noel
    Your shoes have been the perfect compliment to my daughter's first year at Montessori and to my teaching violin in my home! We are so thrilled that our school recommended your shoes to us! We love them:-)
  49. Harmony Bray
    Win! Win! Win!
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