Big News: 3 Secrets Revealed About Our NEW Shoe Style... Coming Soon!

Big News: 3 Secrets Revealed About Our NEW Shoe Style... Coming Soon!

Big News: 3 Secrets Revealed About Our NEW Shoe Style... Coming Soon!

Hey Softstar fans, we have some HUGE news to share!

Things have been abuzz around the workshop for several months now as our talented designers are hard at work on a brand new shoe style. This new style has been a long time coming, as we’ve listened carefully to the feedback you've given us. We’re approaching final prototype testing and design decisions and are ready to start sharing the news with you! Here’s a sneak peek, with three tidbits about this all-new shoe.

  1. We think this is our boldest shoe style yet, with a totally new sole shape that will catch your eye immediately. Our customers already tell us that friends and passersby comment on their Softstars all the time, and we can only imagine this new shoe will take that up a notch!
  2. Are you ready to strike out into the wild blue yonder? Because this shoe is truly wild. It’s a fun and healthy shoe for wonderfully wild soles (er, souls) and natural feet. In that spirit, the new shoe style will be called the Softstar PRIMAL.
  3. This new shoe is a versatile crossover that will work as both an athletic shoe and an everyday casual shoe. So whether you’re an urban dweller, a runner or an explorer of wild places, this shoe is for you!

Our new PRIMAL shoe will be released later this year. If you haven't already subscribed to our monthly email newsletter, then sign up here to receive first notice when this shoe is revealed. You can also follow the latest updates on our Coming Soon page:

See What's Coming Soon to Softstar

We think you’re going to love it, and we want you to be in the know. Get ready to GO WILD!

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  1. Cecilia Garner
    Cecilia Garner
    I'm your girl for prototype testing :-)
    Size 8

  2. Joe
    Please make large sizes. I wear a 14U Dash.
  3. Nocona
    Can't wait. Deal me in!

    Ceci, I have a pair of cool Ballerines in your size on ebay. Check 'em out.
  4. Allyndreth Stead
    Allyndreth Stead
    I can't wait! I can't wear your current shoes as my toes do spread & I wear correct toes. Feel free to let me know if you need a beta tester with correct toes on!

    Love your styles and really looking forward to a shoe I can wear!
  5. Vicki
    And we are the opposite of joe. Dont forget small sizes! Small foot big toes :)
  6. Greg M
    Would you like some beta testers? I'd be honored to try a pair. - Greg in Renton
  7. Greg M
    I should add, 8.5W, and yes I'd like my toes to be spread wider, closer to the natural linear fan arrangement that we see in photos of "uncontacted" tribes in the tropics.
  8. Cyndi
    Looking forward to these, as someone with very wide primal-loving feet!
  9. Vicki
    And i hope the new Primal is shaped just like the pic at the top- looks perfect
  10. Nichole
    I am looking forward to trying this. I hope it comes in small sizes. I wear Adult Sz. 4U Wide in the Solstice.
  11. Nick
    Any more hints for a timeline? My current Dashes have run their course and are literally coming apart at the seams! I need a replacement, but this news has me in a bit of a I wait?
  12. Alan
    If you would like a UK roadtester / reviewer please count me in. I can't wait to see what you come up with
  13. Damion
    Am super keen for a pair of these. The Dashes are the most comfortable shoe that I've ever worn, but still not quite wide enough for all toes. If the Primal's are anywhere near the shape of the promo image, then my toes will be metaphorically "squealing in glee". Now we just need a release date....
  14. Angela Edgar
    Finally, all my toes might fit on the sole. Hope it won't be much longer.
  15. Mark
    Count me among the list of people hoping for something to fit my wider feet. No matter how many times someone says a shoe is "correct toes compatible", it's still pretty much guaranteed to be a snug fit on my end. I've been looking for a reason to try your shoes out. Hopefully this is it!
  16. Mark
    If you need any foot tracings for people who have feet that rarely fit well even in most minimalist shoes, I would be happy to provide some.
  17. Liz
    So excited. Hoping for a slim mid-foot & heel fit. My toes need room, but I am NOT Fred Flintstone.
  18. Claire
    I am liking the toe box on this one. I hope it also comes in narrow, because I tried regular for the Dash which was too wide for my feet except perfect for my toes, and the narrow which was perfect for my feet but too cramped for my toes. This looks like it might fit better.
    1. Elf Martin
      Thanks Claire! Yes, we will have a narrow, though probably not until a few weeks after the initial release of the regular width.
  19. Recce
    Tentative dates?? I'm holding off an order anticipating this - please let me know. TY.
  20. Josh
    Also holding off on a new pair of the Dash to see what these look like.
  21. Michael
    I'm also holding off on buying a new pair of Dash shoes to what this new design is like.
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