Win a Wildly Delicious Snack Pack from Barefoot Provisions!

Win a Wildly Delicious Snack Pack from Barefoot Provisions!

Visit Soft Star on Instagram for a chance to win a collection of energy-packed goodies from the fierce foodies at Barefoot Provisions...and some Soft Star barefoot-inspired shoes to match!

Fuel your health and fitness goals with primal snacks and shoes.

January's almost over, and if you've resolved to get healthier this year, we've got a giveaway to help fuel that spirit of transformation...and your body! We've partnered with the primal living snack gurus at Barefoot Provisions, a delightful curator of ancestral, paleo-inspired snacks and mini-meals selected to keep you healthy and balanced on those busy days when you just don't have time to hunt, gather, and prepare your favorite from-scratch meals.

Together, we're giving away a barefoot prize-package including:

  • One Pair of Soft Star Shoes' Custom RunAmocs (Check out our latest shoe review from Barefoot Essentials!)
  • One Barefoot Essentials Snack Box, which includes 13 DELICIOUS primal snacks of all kinds, from sweet coconut chips to savory seaweed snacks, and everything in between (you can read the full snack list in the review below)

To enter the sweepstakes, simply:

That's it! The contest runs from January 21st through January 26th, and entry is only available through Instagram.

For a taste of what you could win, Martin, our resident paleo, was lucky enough to try a sampler pack of Barefoot Provisions Primal Goodie Kit. Here are his thoughts:

For anyone on a paleo, low-carb or grain-free diet, this kit was a dream come true. There are snacks and treats for every occasion. The package happened to arrive right before my vacation to Costa Rica, so most of the goodies ended up in my backpack as travel food. They were perfect for satisfying my hunger while waiting for a plane, when the only other airport food options were loaded with sugar and wheat. They also kept me happy when I spent hours getting lost driving on unmarked roads, when I needed a quick breakfast before a day of exploring or when I wanted an energy boost after a long surf session.

So what were my favorites in the kit? It’s hard to pick any one since everything was delicious, but here are a few that made me especially happy:

Pulled Pork Pineapple Epic Bar: I was already a fan of Epic bars, but haven’t had this flavor yet. More tender than jerky, these meaty treats are the ultimate paleo energy bar that you can easily pack and eat anywhere. They’re tasty, too!

Sea Salt Toasted Coconut Chips by Dang: With only two ingredients (coconut and sea salt), these snack chips couldn’t be simpler. If you haven’t tried them before, it goes like this… First taste: “Hmm, that’s different.” Second taste: “Well, it’s actually not half-bad.” Third taste: “GIMMEE THE WHOLE BAG NOW!”

Real Croutons by Jackaloupe Good Food Company: Croutons are one of those things I thought I’d never eat again once I went paleo. No, they’re not big and they're easy to sweep off my salads at restaurants, but I didn’t realize how much I missed eating them with my greens until I opened this pack. Made from almond flour, coconut flour, egg whites and a few other non-grain goodies, Real Croutons turned out to be a very special and satisfying treat.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Butter by Rawmio: I admit, I never heard of this one before, but I’ll definitely be seeking it out. This buttery concoction is perhaps intended to be spread over something, but I’ll never know because I ate it all out of the jar before I had the chance to experiment. Raw almonds, raw cacao, raw maca and coconut sugar… how could I possibly resist? Just the “dessert” you need to satisfy those childhood cookie dough cravings.

I must state again, there was nothing in the kit that was disappointing. Here's the full list of everything included:

  • Grass-Fed Bison Bacon Cranberry Epic Bar by Epic
  • Pulled Pork Pineapple Epic Bar by Epic
  • Sweet Potato Sea Salt Potato Chips by Honest Chips
  • Naked Nutrition Bar by Yawp!
  • Grass-Fed Beef Snack Sticks by Nick's Sticks
  • Coconut Shortbread Honey Cookies by WB Kitchen
  • Berry Good Raw Fruit & Nut Bar by Nicole's Nutty Goodness
  • Chipotle SeaSnax by SeaSnax
  • Grass-Fed Jerky, Fruit, and Nut Mix by Primal Pacs
  • Real Croutons by Jackalope Good Food Company
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Butter by Rawmio
  • Salt & Pepper Galactic Hog Skins by Pre-Made Paleo
  • Sea Salt Toasted Coconut Chips by Dang

This prize package is too wild to stick around for long, so enter today!

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