Toasted Marshmallows May be the Coziest Moccasins EVER!

Toasted Marshmallows May be the Coziest Moccasins EVER!

Earlier this year, we came across a photo of Albert Einstein sitting on his front porch wearing a very fluffy looking pair of slippers. While we smiled at their goofy and adorable appearance, we couldn't help thinking they also looked incredibly warm and cozy. After all, Einstein was pretty smart, so if he thought they were a good idea...

Einstein's favourite slippers. [Photo owned by Gillett Griffin, Princeton Historical Society, via]

Posted by AsapSCIENCE on Thursday, January 29, 2015

Curiosity got the better of us, so we decided to bid honor to the brilliant scientist on March 14 of this year—his 136th birthday. Our talented seamstresses managed to transform our popular Roo moccasin into a replica of the slipper by using our super soft genuine sheepskin on the exterior of the shoe. Elf Dina was the lucky tester who was asked to try them out... and that was the last time we ever saw her wear anything else on her feet.

Even through the hot days of summer, Dina raved about how incredibly cozy her feet felt. Eventually, she wore us down and we decided we had to make a few more to try out.


Just imagine coming in from the cold and slipping your feet into this furry footwear...

To sum it up, Dina and Einstein knew what they were doing. These slippers cranked the comfort level up to 11. When we made them with our stonytip sheepskin, someone made the comment "They look like toasted marshmallows." Well, everyone in the shop agreed, and we couldn't think of a better name than that. We also think that sticking your foot into a giant toasted marshmallow may be the only thing that compares to their level of coziness.

Now, for a limited time only, you can purchase your own handcrafted Soft Star Toasted Marshmallow moccasins, and just in time for the upcoming chilly winter months! Available in child, youth and adult sizes, this fuzzy footwear is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.

Seriously, you'll get big points giving these away as a holiday gift :)

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Toasted Marshmallows May be the Coziest Moccasins EVER! Toasted Marshmallows May be the Coziest Moccasins EVER!

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