Win An Attachment Parenting Children's Book!

Win An Attachment Parenting Children's Book!

Carried On Your Back Cover

Hi there Soft Star parents! We know that you like to keep your little ones close...often times, really close. Attachment parenting is an ancient practice that is experiencing a resurgence of popularity, with parents attesting to numerous benefits for both the nurturer and the nurtured.

In an effort to capture the spirit of this child-rearing lifestyle, attachment parenting advocate (and stellar Soft Star fan) Ida Therén has founded the Swedish/American publishing firm "Nära Förlag", or "Attachment Publishing".

This week, we are giving away 3 copies of Nära Förlag's first publication, Carried on Your Back, a beautifully-illustrated, simply-worded tale depicting a day in the life of an attached baby and parent. Filled with relatable moments and lovely scenes, this will quickly become your child's new favorite bedtime story!

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Psst! Be sure to also visit Nära Förlag for Ida's new Soft Star shoe review, info on her upcoming coloring book, and to enter for a chance to win a $25 Soft Star gift card!

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  1. Maya Mcintosh
    Love this post, and the photo! For baby number two we have a selection of carriers. Maya wrap sling, Sakura bloom sling, Baby Hawk mei tei carrier, and our beloved Beco Gemini - from baby number one. I love having the variety. Even as DD grows, I can count on either carrier depending on her mood or what activity we are doing. The Beco is convenient as it has snaps, but sometimes the wraps are my go-to, because we can hold her snug while also giving her more view of the world.

    We love baby wearing!! xo
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