New Shoe Coming Soon - Help Us Pick a Name!

New Shoe Coming Soon - Help Us Pick a Name!

New Shoe Coming Soon - Help Us Pick a Name!

We're getting close to the release of our new chukka-style shoe, and from all the emails and comments we've received we know you're as excited about it as we are!

Our designers are cranking out prototypes for testing and finishing up the final tweaks. We're right on track for an early fall release, but we've hit a common stumbling block: the name.

Around the shop we've just been calling this new design the Chukka. While it fits the style of the shoe, we're afraid that term is already overused in the fashion world and we're considering a more unique identifier. Our next favorite suggestions are Hawthorne or Mazama, which are both references to our Pacific Northwest region.

Is there a name you like best? We want to know!

Select your preference below and click the VOTE button:

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  1. Shirley Talabock
    Shirley Talabock
    Liked & shared.Hawthorne are my favorites.
  2. Ginette St-Martin
    Ginette St-Martin
    Slippa would have been my choice but that will do
  3. ben
    You already have the Rogue, so you should call it the Ranger.
  4. Chris
    I like Bens suggestion, "The Ranger."
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