Happy New Year with Gratitude

Happy New Year with Gratitude

Yesterday was filled with the bustle of doing year-end inventory and cleaning out the workshop "drawers," so to speak. Having a clean, organized workshop always feel so good! We even finished up early—much to the delight of my four-year old who was tearing it up in the showroom. This gave me some quiet time today for reflection, and I am filled with gratitude for so many things that Soft Star has had a hand (or should I say foot) in over the last year.

Happy New Year with Gratitude

My little Viking "Oly" is waiting for Mom to finish up inventory!

I am grateful for our customers who support our livelihood and give us such thoughtful feedback and motivation to keep doing what we do. I also appreciate that we are able to personally connect with many of our customers. Each day seems to bring another interesting, or joyful, or kind person into our world.

I am grateful for our wonderful team of elves that have filled the year with so many beautiful shoes and service to customers and community alike. It is a privilege to work with such a kind, creative and dedicated team.

I am grateful for our Eco-conscious community here in Corvallis, Oregon—which makes it easy to bike, walk and play in this gorgeous corner of the world... and also enhances and supports Soft Star's environmental efforts every step of the way.

I am grateful for my family and that Soft Star has fulfilled my vision of blending family and work environments. Over the last year, our workshop has doubled as an after-school hangout for reading, homework or playing for my children. Being able to have flexible work schedules has also been an integral component of happiness for so many of us elves.

Thank you Soft Star! Best wishes for a very Happy New Year!

With much gratitude,

C.Elf.O Trish

Happy New Year with Gratitude

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