Back-to-School GIVEAWAY - Win a Slackline and Two Pairs of Moccasins!

Back-to-School GIVEAWAY - Win a Slackline and Two Pairs of Moccasins!

It's that time again! Our showroom is full every day with parents and kids looking for new and colorful classroom shoes. School will be starting soon, so it's time for our latest back-to-school GIVEAWAY!

This year Soft Star Shoes is teaming up with Nova Natural Toys and Crafts to bring you an extra fun treat. Our family-owned businesses are offering one lucky winner a family Fun Line—an all-ages slackline with a training "helper line" for young beginners! $79.00 value.

Back-to-School GIVEAWAY - Win a Slackline and Two Pairs of Soft Star Moccasins!

In addition, the giveaway winner will also receive two free pairs of Soft Star Roo Moccasins—one in adult size and one in child or youth size. These natural leather moccasins are not only soft and cozy, but they also allow feet to move freely and naturally for all kinds of fun activities... including slacklining. You can even pick your own colors to customize these new shoes for you and your son or daughter! $140.00 value.

Back-to-School GIVEAWAY! Win a Slackline and Two Pairs of Soft Star Moccasins!

You can enter our giveaway by several methods using the app below. Earn an extra entry for every method used and for referring a friend! Contest ends September 2, 2014.

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Back-to-School GIVEAWAY - Win a Slackline and Two Pairs of Moccasins!


  1. LeeAnn Gumulauskas
    LeeAnn Gumulauskas
    Love the shoes, just have never been able to buy some! Would love to win for myself and baby on the way.
  2. Renske Zeemans
    It would be lovely to win these lovely SSS.
  3. Jennifer
    Oh, this is an amazing giveaway!!! We'd love a slackline at our house! And we adore your shoes!
  4. Debi
    I can not figure out how to enter! could I was told I had cold feet this morning. And my old slipper are just that old.
    1. Elf Martin
      Hi Debi. Are you still having trouble? If so, feel free to email me directly at and I'll try to help you through it.
  5. Sharlin Wieland
    Hope I get picked!
  6. Michael Hughes
    I created a twitter just now for this contest! One can only hold out for so long and with such a good incentive who could resist??
  7. Van Olson
    Kids would like this.
  8. Viktorija Liu
    We love your shoes!!!! All there of my kids wear them and they are the best! Thank you for making such high quality shoes.
  9. Catherine Fritts
    Catherine Fritts
    SOFT STAR SHOES are the best!
  10. Sam Nicko
    Lovely, my 21 months old baby boy would love to have this very-very rare and amazing shoes. Thank you very much for your generosity for hosting this wonderful Back-to-School GIVEAWAY. I really wish to win this shoes, it's rare and precious.
    Cheers, Your fan from Indonesia ^^
  11. Sarah Noga
    Appears that your entry app is not accepting any of my entries ;(( boo. I have screenshots of error messages if that helps. Please e mail me directly ;) S
  12. andrea
    Love these! Need them for classroom shoes at the waldorf school!
  13. Inna
    What a wonderful way to practice Fun line wearing soft moccasins.
  14. maria cristina
    Thx for stunning giveaway
  15. Erin
    I would get an all black pair for myself, and then let my little guy pick whatever bold colors strike his fancy.
  16. Cara Stykel
    We LOVE Soft Star Shoes! Whether we win or not we're planning to order a new pair of classroom shoes for school this fall. Thanks for such a great product!
  17. Michelle Visser
    I wear this around the yard, on the trail and in the Crossfit gym! I have Mary Janes, Run Amocs and Roos! Love, Love, Love them. I don't think I am exaggerating when I say my family of four owns more than a dozen pairs of Soft Stars. And I have been dreaming of getting a slackline for by two boys.
  18. Julia Buljovcci
    My daughter likes the design-your-own aspect of Soft Star Shoes! She always chooses the greatest color combinations for things!
  19. Debra Wolsleben
    These shoes look so incredibly comfortable you might not want to take them off.
  20. Sam Nicko
    This shoes are AMAZING and rare, my little 21 months baby boy will love to wear it and will look awesome!
    Thanks so much for hosting this generous and awesome giveaway :)
  21. john
    They look so comfortable!
  22. Cynthia
    Dear Mr. Elf,
    Please bring us new shoes.
    Nicholas (6), Myla(4) and Calley (2)
  23. kathleen
    what a sweet giveaway! thanks for the opportunity!
  24. christina moore
    I love these shoes, thank you for a great giveaway
  25. christina moore
    I love these shoes, thank you for a chance to win
  26. Rachel G
    It's about time to update our Soft Stars, but money is really tight this year. Winning would be an immense help!
  27. vita sari
    its look compy, i want it 4 my litle sist
  28. Marner Campbell
    I would love to win---bring it on to me! Thanks
  29. Cristina Popescu
    Cristina Popescu
    Super giveaway, thanks!
  30. Pam McDormand
    Wow, back-to-school shoes *and* a slackline!
  31. Mary
    Great shoes!
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