Softstar Shoes at the 2014 Born to Run Ultramarathon

Softstar Shoes at the 2014 Born to Run Ultramarathon

With springtime comes running, and with running comes... ULTRARUNNING!

Softstar is very excited to be part of the 2014 Born to Run Ultramarthon this coming weekend. Caity McCardell, host of the Unapologetically Ultra podcast, has graciously provided us with the opportunity to sponsor her booth at the event, where she'll be recording all the action while raising money to support the Raramuri tribes of Mexico.

If you're a trail runner who hasn't heard her podcast yet then we highly recommend checking it out. She has strong ties to the Born to Run culture and will most certainly feed your passion for running. And if you plan to be at the event then be sure to swing by her booth and check out the shiny new Dash and Moc3 RunAmocs she'll be showing off (which probably won't look shiny and new for long).

UPDATED: Dirtbag Runners at 2015 Born to Run Ultramarathon

In case you're wondering—and because we seem to hear the question a lot—no, this is not the ultramarathon that Caballo Blanco began in Mexico's Copper Canyons, as documented in the book Born to Run. Instead, this is a US marathon organized by race director Luis Escobar, the photographer and ultrarunner extraordinaire who was also featured in Born to Run. The race is held at the East Creek Ranch in Los Olivos, California and features trail runs of 10 miles, 50km, 100km and 100 miles.

The event is more than just a race, though. As many devout trail runners will attest, ultrarunning is not so much about competition as it is about community. The race's website probably describes it best: "Two full days of camping, BBQ, bonfires, shotguns, live music, tattoos, Tarahumara-inspired ball racing, salsa dancing, guys in skirts, rattlesnakes, hard core Mexican music, running, running and more running." It's also a rare opportunity to connect with some of the world's best and friendliest ultrarunners, including our monkey pals from Luna Sandals.

Who wouldn't want to be part of that?

For more information about the race, visit Luis Escobar's website All We Do Is Run.

Happy Running!

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