GIVEAWAY: Win a Free Pair of Very Unique Merry Mocs!

GIVEAWAY: Win a Free Pair of Very Unique Merry Mocs!

Followers of our blog will know that we hold occasional Playdays at the Soft Star workshop. These are days when we set work aside and are encouraged to just have fun creating something new with the materials in our shop. At the end of the day we share our projects and the results are always surprising. They not only inspire new product ideas and teach us ways to improve our shoemaking process, but they also make our workplace fun!

We keep our Playday projects in the shop, and after looking through them we decided they deserve more love than collecting dust on a shelf will give them. That's why we're now giving away two pairs of VERY UNIQUE shoes to a couple lucky fans. These are extremely limited edition designs that you won't find again.

In our September 2012 Playday, elves Tesla and Jodi joined forces to create an ultra-comfy Merry Moc. This shoe combined the upper design of our Merry Janes with a soft Roo moccasin sole—complete with our cozy sheepskin innersole.

Their first pair was made with our star-patterned leather, featuring cream suede decorated with shiny gold stars. A Velcro closure keeps the strap secure:

Soft Cream/Star Barefoot Mary Jane Moccasin Soft Cream/Star Barefoot Mary Jane Moccasin

The two talented elves worked so quickly, they had time to make a second pair with suede moss uppers. For this green pair, they experimented by gluing our 2mm RunAmoc Street sole onto the bottom of it. This gives the green pair more durability for outdoor use, but still with the cozy sheepskin innersole:

Green Suede Mary Jane Sheepskin Innersole Cozy Green Mary Jane Moccasin Shoe

Each of these pairs was made in size 6U only (Women's size 6.5–7). If this happens to be your size, or the size of someone you love, then you're in luck because we're giving them both away!

We're starting with the cream/star pair. If you'd like a chance to own these shoes then please enter the raffle below. The winner will be randomly selected next week. After that we'll post a raffle for the green pair, so you'll have two chances to win!

Good luck!

Win these Merry Mocs from Soft Star Shoes!

These shoes are new with no visible flaws, but please remember that they were created as a fun experiment. They have not undergone our testing and development process so we make no guarantees about their performance, although they are embedded with a high dose of elf mojo.

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  1. Heather
    Sweet! That is like the ultimate shoe! No way they would fit me, but I'm sure I could find a pair of feet to fit in them :)
  2. Kris
    Oooo, just my size! ;)
  3. Robin
    Glitter my fairy feet for fun and magic!!! PLEASE!
  4. Connie  Manson
    How creative! I love all of your designs. I still wear the sheep's wool lined mocs I ordered from you years ago, ant ehy are still comfortable and beautiful.
  5. Deborah Weiner
    Love these merry mocs! So cute and comfy.
  6. Amy Parker Williams
    Amy Parker Williams
    Love them!!! My daughter would also LOVE them.
  7. Laurie Mumma
    Love these! Would be a treat after a rough day.
  8. Brenda
    Like :)
    You should make fun more often, lol!
  9. Cynthia Taylor
    Lucky me, I am a size six I would definitely wear both pairs. My feet have been dreaming about Soft Star shoes ever since my 4 year old got a pair!
  10. Lara S.
    I love them both! Looking forward to the draw. :)
  11. Sharon Rose
    I would LOVE these!! And wear them to work... I bet I could convince more of my patients to wear biomechanically correct shoes with these babies on my feet!
  12. DeHeldin
    Do! Want! *drool*
  13. Susanne
    I would love to win. I'm a big SoftStarShoe fan and I don't have silver shoes yet and my favorite color is green!
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