Rally 4 Jillie!

Rally 4 Jillie!

A couple months ago, we received a unique request from a blogger. Jesi, author of the parenting blog Kids, Clutter and Chaos, wanted to write a review of our shoes and realized that our workshop was only a short drive from her home, so she contacted us and asked if she could visit for a first-hand look at how we make our shoes. We glad accepted and had a wonderful visit with her, which resulted in many fun photos that you can see in the review post.

Last week, we received a new request from Jesi. It turns out that some of her close family friends have a 2.5-year-old baby girl who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia. The young girl, named Jillie, will be staying at Portland's Doernbecher's Children's Hospital for anywhere from 6 months up to a year while she receives treatment. Jesi has now used her blog to start Rally 4 Jillie, a drive to raise support for this tough little girl, and she is collecting donations to offer as giveaways for the cause.


We were happy to jump on the drive and are offering a free pair of kids moccasins with this week's giveaway. Some of our elves also contributed by making Jillie a pair of soft suede moccasins in purple (her favorite color) to keep her feet warm in her hospital room. We encourage you to check out the Kids, Clutter and Chaos blog to read more about this cause, enter the giveaway and share with your friends.

Stay strong Jillie!

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