Gifts for Her this Holiday Season - Fitting Tassels

Gifts for Her this Holiday Season - Fitting Tassels

It may be hard to believe, but some people say our shoes are not super swanky. While it is true we don't compete with Gucci or Prada, we do harbor a covert fashionista among our ranks who has been working on a new product.

Elf Sarah, always dressed to the nines, spent a long time searching for high end, luxurious tassels to accessorize her handbags. Unable to find any that met her standards, she decided try using our eco-friendly leather scraps to create her own tassels at a recent Soft Star playday. The results exceeded all of our expectations. Soon, many of the women at Soft Star were asking her for their own tassels to use on purses, key chains and belts. Suddenly, we realized we had a fun new product!

Leather Tassel Keychain

Fitting Leatherworks is a new division of Soft Star that features these beautiful leather tassels as flirty and sophisticated clip-on accessories. Elegant and functional, they make the perfect gift for the women in your life. Made with beautiful silver or gold hardware and soft, smooth leather, these tassels come packaged in a gift box ready for the holidays. You can now see the rainbow of tassels available on our website, or—holding with Soft Star tradition—choose your own colors with design-your-own options. Just in time for the holiday!

Purse Tassel Accessory


  1. Ken Brown
    I think these tassels are brilliant! Whoever came up with this idea should get a MacArthur Genius Award. I think there is also a wider market than as purse accessories; for instance, with resizing perhaps, zipper pull for carry-on luggage, which always has those 2-way zippers that you forget whether they are at bottom or top of bag (and can help ID bag on carrousel) or as decorative belt-loop clip for walking or biking light at night.
    1. Soft Star Elves
      Thanks Ken! Those are some great ideas.
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