Introducing Youth Dash and Phoenix Boots

Introducing Youth Dash and Phoenix Boots

Thanks to everyone who voted for our new Youth RunAmoc Dash colors The two winning color combinations, by landslide victory, were Dark Purple with Shiny Violet and Chocolate with Nutmeg. We are happy to announce that both colors are now available for sale on our website! Of course, you can also choose to design your own.

RunAmoc Youth Dash Contest Winners

Features of the new Youth Dash:

  • Velcro closure for easy on/off.
  • Elastic band in heel keeps shoe fitting snugly, but not too tight.
  • Wide toe box so toes can grip, flex and spread.
  • Reflective tabs on back for increased visibility and safety.
  • Choose your Vibram® outer sole: 5mm Trail or 2mm Street (additional tough leather sole is available as a design-your-own) option.
  • Lightweight, between 4 oz to 6 oz depending on the size and type of sole.
  • Designed and made by hand in Oregon, USA.


New Phoenix Boots!

We're also excited to announce that our 2012-2013 Phoenix boots are now available in select Adult and Youth sizes! The new boot features our long-awaited Vibram Lightning sole and is still fully lined with super cozy genuine sheepskin for a warm and comfortable fit.

Phoenix Boot with Vibram Lightning Sole

The New Phoenix Boot:

  • Durable and flexible Vibram Lightning sole.>
  • Fully lined with genuine sheepskin.
  • Roomy toebox.
  • Naturally water resistant.
  • Can be worn with or without socks.
  • Handcrafted in USA from premium, formaldehyde-free leathers.

We hope you enjoy your new fall and winter shoes. Let us know what you think!


  1. Liz
    Hi Elves, both of these look great! Especially glad to see a lighter sole on the Phoenix boot. Is the same thing happening with the Keita shoe? I see it is on sale and don't know if you are designing a new version or getting rid of it for good. (I have the same question about the vegan hotcake mocs for adults. If these things are going for good it would be lovely if customers could get a "last chance" notice or something!) Love all your shoes - thanks for making such quality products.
  2. San
    Very pleased to see the more flexible sole on the Phoenix boot! Unfortunately for me, I bought my first pair just last year. They are great, but I know the new sole makes them even better.
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