Happy Birthday Dash!

Happy Birthday Dash!

It has now been one whole year since we released our Dash RunAmoc. The elves celebrated the event by looking back at the history and evolution of the Dash model.

Happy Birthday Dash!

Way back in the early 2010s, Soft Star released what is now known as the Original RunAmoc. At that time, nobody in all of elfdom had any idea how popular our first minimal running shoe would prove to be. Soft Star had received several requests for a moccasin with a running sole and decided to give it a try, but the overwhelming demand and positive response for the Original took everyone by surprise. In the wake of that success, the elves began to think about more options we could offer this new customer base.

While most people were thrilled with the design of the Original, we did hear from some customers and testers who thought it felt “floppy” and wanted the ability to tighten the shoe around the instep. Other feedback showed a demand for a more conventional-looking shoe that would fit better in a formal or office environment. Reflective tabs were also a common request. There were some features about the Original that we didn’t want to change, namely the weight and the soling options. The design elves decided that any new styles could not exceed the weight of the current shoe and could not use soles that were any thicker than our existing options.

In the end, we were able to meet all of our goals with the Dash. The new design introduced a traditional front-lacing system that not only took care of the “floppiness” issue, but also allowed the wearer to tighten the shoe around the instep to his or her preference. And with its more traditional look, a Dash made in black or brown became our shoe of choice for formal or office settings, while also passing as a stylish and casual everyday shoe.

All the hard work paid off, and the release of the Dash was even more successful than that of the Original. Now, one year later, the Dash is still our most popular shoe. With the addition of new colors and a tough leather sole option, the look of the Dash continues to evolve. Customers still surprise us with unique and original color combinations when they choose to design their own, and the feedback we receive keeps our design elves thinking ahead to the next innovation. The recent development of the Moc3 has expanded our lineup even more, and we are now happy to offer three RunAmoc styles to meet a variety of preferences and needs.

Happy birthday Dash, and thanks to everyone for all your feedback and support! It means a lot to us to know that we have so many devoted customers who have made our success possible. And remember, the elves love to see photos of you in your new Soft Stars!

Soft Star RunAmocs

Our RunAmoc line now includes the Original, the Dash and the Moc3, each designed to meet different needs.

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