Busy Elves

Busy Elves

Our 2011 holiday season has been our busiest ever! On Monday this week, we broke our record for the highest number of packages shipped in a single day. Elf Cindy had to call our local post office to tell them they would need a bigger-than-usual vehicle for our pickup. Our local postal carrier happily obliged, but was still shocked that we were able to fill up the enormous empty truck he brought. A bucket brigade of elves helped him transport the large postal bags from our workshop.

Your shoes are in there somewhere!

As you can imagine, our elves are bustling. The orders keep coming in and everyone is doing their part to stay on top of the demand. The Clicker Elf is spending extra-long days cutting leather patterns and our seamstresses are sewing like the wind. C.Elf.O.s Tricia and Larkin contribute by jumping on the production side to help finish and pack shoes. They also gave our crew a boost by treating everyone to pizza for lunch yesterday. Dessert was provided by a local customer who dropped off a yummy batch of cookies in the morning. Thanks Lauren!

If you think the North Pole is the only place where elves are busy this time of year, then it may be time to pay a visit to our workshop.

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