Support Kids for Kids with the Puuurrrrrrrfect Gift

Support Kids for Kids with the Puuurrrrrrrfect Gift

Playful Pancake cat toys are back for just $4.50! Surprise your favorite furry feline with these delightful catnip-filled toys made entirely from natural leather scraps. 100% of proceeds are donated to Kids for Kids—an organization helping children in Sudan.

The Playful Pancake Story

Pancake cat toys were created five years ago by then-7-year-old Cassidy Lynn as a fundraising project. She learned about starvation in Darfur and decided to take action, so she brainstormed the idea of making and selling cat toys to provide support. The proceeds for the toys are donated to Kids for Kids, a organization that purchases young goats (aka "kids") to provide sustainable milk supplies for impoverished Sudanese children (aka “kids"). You can check out the Kids for Kids website or Facebook page for more information.

Cassidy came by our workshop regularly for leather and sheepskin scraps. She recruited elementary school friends to make personalized toys they could sell at local events. Cassidy and her friends made hundreds of toys and purchased over 180 goats in the first 2 years. When Cassidy's mother, Kathy, was diagnosed with terminal cancer early in 2008, the Playful Pancake Project took a break. This month, the Soft Star elves partnered with Cassidy to restart the initiative.  We hope you can find a few stockings to stuff with these bright play toys.

How are they Made

The new Playful Pancakes are now made by our elves from natural sheepskin and leather scraps. The body is 3 inches (8cm) long with a leather tail that ranges from 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30cm). Several yummy catnip pellets are sandwiched between the sheepskin and perforated leather. We have thoroughly tested this new version on our kitties at home with raving reviews. Labor and shipping are donated by the elves. The pancakes come in an assortment of colors—no two are alike!

Click here to read Cassidy’s own words about the project, or to purchase your own Playful Pancake!

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