"I'm Glad I Stepped in Dog Poo"

"I'm Glad I Stepped in Dog Poo"

At Soft Star Shoes, we are constantly testing our shoes to give our customers the best product that we can. We use and test our products and strive for authenticity.

Several of our elves have been wearing prototypes of our adult Mary Jane throughout the summer in preparation for the December release. One of them, Elf Hava, has been testing a new soling material since July. Several weeks ago, Hava accidentally stepped in dog poo... and we are glad that she did!

After hosing off the shoe, Hava laid it out in the sun to dry. Several hours later, she tried on the dry shoe and noticed that it felt very tight. She brought it into the Soft Star Shoes workshop and tried to stretch it, but it didn't seem to loosen at all. Then another elf put that shoe sole-to-sole to another shoe of the same size and discovered that it had actually shrunk several sizes! This discovery lead to our decision not to use the soling on any of our shoes.

And that is why Hava can say, "I'm glad I stepped in dog poo!"

"I'm Glad I Stepped in Dog Poo"

The shrunken shoe, compared to a shoe of its original size.


  1. Charlene Jaszewski (@theredheadsaid)
    i am SO PSYCHED ABOUT THE MARY JANES!! It's so hard to find cute barefoot-like shoes for adults!
  2. Becky L.
    It'll be a perfect world when someone invents a sole that completely REPELS dog poo...just finished hosing some off my son's Crocs (which aren't nearly as comfortable as his Soft Stars, but are easy to clean...).
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