Get to know Our Moc3 Testers!

In preparation for the release of our Moc3, we asked three active individuals to test our shoe and provide feedback. Our testers are a very important part of the Moc3 production process. Recently two of our testers, Donald Buraglio and Andrew Mebane, talked with us about their experience testing our shoes. Here are their responses.


How did you become a tester for Soft Star Shoes?
Donald: I became a tester after doing a review of the Roo slippers for my Running and Rambling website, and I had some conversations with Tricia about barefoot and minimalist running. She invited me to take part in testing the original RunAmoc, and it continued from there.

What has your experience been like as Moc3 tester?
Donald: I've loved testing the Moc3 - it was really cool to see how they evolved and changed and improved each time until there was a finished product that was truly outstanding.

Which one of our shoes have you enjoyed testing the most?
Donald: I think I enjoyed testing the original RunAmoc the most, although the Moc3 comes very close. The first time around, there was a lot of experimentation and dramatic changes, and we weren't really sure what the final product would look like. Besides, the original RunAmoc is still my favorite, so I have a soft spot for that product development process.

Donald Buraglio operates the blog Running and Rambling, is a father, athlete and co-author of "The Running Life". For more information on Donald, check out his blog Running and Rambling



Tell me about yourself.
Andrew: I've got a master's degree in English (literature), but I work as a landscape construction foreman. I started my own stone masonry business in 2005 and still do occasional business through my company, Whole Earth Stonescaping (with a badly out of date website:

How did you become a tester for Soft Star Shoes?
Andrew: Last spring I transitioned into minimalist shoes using the Vibram Five Finger Sprint. Later in the summer I was given a pair of Terra Plana Evos (also minimalist), and in the fall I bought my first pair of Soft Star mocs, the RunAmoc. I lived in the Applegate Valley, just west of Ashland, OR, and I regularly ran very steep trails near my house. I had a lot of trouble going up steep hills wearing the RunAmocs, so I sent a letter to Soft Star, just trying to be helpful. They asked me if I'd like to test the prototype for the RunAmoc Dash, and I was thrilled to accept. My first Dashes arrived (unnamed at that point) just before the winter solstice.

What has your experience as a Moc3 tester been like?
Andrew: I tested the Moc3 for less than ten miles because I got a big blood blister where the slot on the bottom of the moc pinched the skin on the bottom of one foot. Even though they've been released now, I currently have a pair that I've only got about ten miles on so far, and I'm looking forward to running in them more. I have 260 miles on my latest Dashes, and I put several hundred miles on previous versions of the Dash, too.

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