What's Cooking with the Elves?

Lots of happy Elves this week as our long-awaited kitchen / break area is done!! Since most of us Elves pack our own food, our break area is an important place where we gather for lunch, snacks, meetings and celebrations. Up until now our break area was a hodge-podge of assorted clutter on top a loose scrap of vinyl floor with no sink or cupboard. After washing our dishes in the bathroom sink for the last 26 years, this is a big deal for us.


The kitchen was designed and built green by Alan - an extraordinary guy and friend of Soft Star. It is formaldehyde free, with USA made stainless steel. The sink was built in Eugene, OR and the wood was grown, harvested and milled from fallen urban trees in Corvallis, OR.  The outside is Catalpa wood and the cool looking handles are Yew.  The inside counters are scrap flooring pieces and the faucet meets new California AB standard for lead free fixtures. (all stainless instead of brass inside, made in CA). Sarah found our dish cubby storage 3rd-hand used so we all have a place now to stash our treats. (getting all this up the stairs was quite fun). The window overlooks our back porch. Our workshop is on the 2nd floor of a 100+ year old warehouse building overlooking the Willamette—we truly are spoiled. Thanks Alan for such a happy, warm kitchen!!


  1. Matt Riopelle
    Not much can beat a nice kitchen to improve the working environment. We recently upgraded ours at the office. I now enjoy warming up the leftovers. Congratulations to the team!
  2. mimi
    YOu mean you guys don't live in a shoe??!
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